Brrrrr…it’s cold

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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn, Citizen Sports Columnist

With little forewarning, Old Man Winter fell upon us around the middle of last week.


Late October is that awkward transitional time of year when most of the outdoor sports have run their course, and the newly arriving, winter sports are heading indoors for shelter.

Morgan County High School (MCHS) varsity softball’s last stand in Buford last Wednesday was an cool-to-cold adventure as the sun went down, sending many of the parents back and forth from the heated recesses of their vehicles.

And I imagine that I’m going to be layered so thickly tonight that I’ll look like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story at the varsity football game in Franklin County.

Despite the preview of winter weather to come last week, the five-day forecast says that we’ll get a few more nice days out of fall next week before Jack Frost settles in permanently.

Yep, it’s just like the world to make it cold on the few nights of the week that I have to be outside late in the evening.

Soon, however, the comfort of the heated gym will be my regular haunt, where I’ll take my refuge from icy winds, early sunsets, and – the worst of them all – government meetings.

The MCHS wrestling team held their first practice on Monday, Oct. 28, and their first meet on Nov. 16 will tie in right after the end of varsity football’s regular season, creating a seamless continuum for those athletes who put down their pads for wrestling tights during the coldest months of the year.

Likewise, MCHS basketball is only a week shy of their first scrimmage game. On Nov. 9 the Hoop Dogs will be hosting a free fan jam/tailgate from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. before facing Luella High School in scrimmage games at 4:30 and 6 p.m.

Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) basketball has November preseason games as well, with the first taking place on Saturday, Nov. 9. Also, the MCHS Swim Dogs began holding practices since Oct. 22 in preparation for their season.

Despite the worsening weather, MCHS football is rushing headlong into November, regardless of how low the temperature gauge might fall, and I’m sure that we’ll be right there, grumbling about the cold with chattering teeth, but not wanting to miss a minute of Morgan County football. So, for now, bundle your family and yourself up for the last remaining games of the Bulldogs’ football season and think warm thoughts.

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