Bulldogs hurt the Lions’ Pride with 49-18 Win

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By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

The Morgan County High School (MCHS) Bulldogs crushed 8-AAA region opponent, the Franklin County Lions, last Friday night, 49-18.

The win puts the Dogs’ record at 3-2 in the region and 6-2 overall. This Friday, Nov. 1, the Bulldogs will play their final regular season home game against the Hart County Bulldogs, who lost their first game of the season last Friday against Elbert County 21-23.

Morgan County received a kickoff from the Lions to begin the game in Franklin County. The first drive gave they Bulldogs a lead that they would never relinquish during the game, and Marquis Benton earned his first touchdown of the game with a 7-yard run into the end zone.

Behind 0-7, the Lions showed that they were not going to just lie down for the Dogs. Franklin County scored after a five-play drive, which covered more than 75 yards. Because of a missed extra point attempt, Franklin County stayed behind 6-7.

The Dogs began their next drive on the Morgan County 25-yard line, but Trey Chapman got into Lion territory on the first play with a 35-yard carry.

After a 20-yard run by Melvin Davis got the Dogs inside the red zone, quarterback Trent Hawk threw a pass to Davis in the end zone for the second Morgan County touchdown of the night, giving them a chance to get ahead 14-6.

The Dogs held Franklin County in three plays on their next drive. Case Segrest sacked the Lions’ quarterback for a 9-yard loss, which forced Franklin County into a punt position. Morgan County received the ball near the 50-yard line, and, after a 16-yard carry by Benton, Sam Couch made a fantastic, 40-yard run through Lion defenders into the end zone for the third touchdown of the first quarter.

The point after attempt was successful, giving Morgan County a 21-6 lead. The Bulldogs scored their last touchdown of the first half just after the beginning of the second quarter. Following a five-play drive, Hawk threw another long pass to Davis in the end zone. With the extra point, the Dogs had moved ahead 28-6.

The Lions were also able to put points on in the second quarter. After a 12-play drive, during which they converted two first downs on fourth-down plays, Franklin County’s quarterback pitched a ball into the end zone while being chased down by Morgan County defenders. The pass was caught for Franklin County’s second touchdown of the game. The Lions did not make the extra point attempt, remaining behind the Dogs 12-28.

Morgan County had only one complete possession during the third quarter. Couch leapt into the end zone over a Lion defender after a 20-yard carry for Morgan County’s fifth touchdown of the night, and the point after brought the Dogs to a 35-12 lead.

The Bulldogs held Franklin County during two drives in the third quarter, forcing turnovers on downs to end both possessions. Morgan County’s second drive of the third quarter spilled over into the fourth quarter. Less than a minute into the final 12 minutes, Benton scored his second touchdown of the game with a one-yard drive into the end zone.

Bristling at Morgan County’s 42-12 lead, the Lions put together their final scoring drive of the game. After obtaining good field position by recovering a Bulldog on-side kick attempt, Franklin County made steady movements across the field before finally reaching the end zone on a 16-yard carry.

The Lions missed their third extra point attempt of the game, putting Franklin County at 18-42. Morgan County scored once more on a short-gain play by Andre Peterson to make the score 49-18 late in the last quarter. During that drive Cody Harper advanced 35-yard on two carries to help get the Dogs into close yardage.

After another short Bulldog drive, the game ended on a knee with the final score 49-18 in Morgan County’s favor. Next week, the Morgan County Bulldogs host their final home game of the regular season against the Hart County Bulldogs. Hart County has a 7-1 record overall and is 4-1 in the region after their 21-23 loss to Elbert County last week. Come out and support the Dogs during their last home game of the regular season this Friday.


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