“Socialism” is not too strong

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Dave Belton

Dave Belton

By Dave Belton, Vice Chair, Morgan County GOP

“The buck stops here,” said President Harry Truman.

Not with this president, who’s blaming everyone but himself for the failure of his signature issue.

“If you like your health plan, you can keep it,” said Obama.

Well… no. Actually, you can’t. “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.”

Golly gee… that’s not true, either. In fact, HHS admitted 14 million will lose their current healthcare plans and their doctors. Millions more are losing their full-time jobs to be replaced with part-time. Doctors are opting out in record numbers.

“It will be like buying an iPhone,” said Obama. “We can cover 30 million more Americans without raising premiums.”

Well… no, actually premiums are skyrocketing all over the country, doubling and tripling in thousands of cases. People have no choice but to buy coverage they don’t want, in “one-size-fits-all” plans that are very, very expensive.

Did we mention that the half a billion dollar website isn’t secure? In little-bitty tiny print the website actually says, “You have no assurance of privacy.” But don’t worry, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claims, “I don’t work for the people” who are demanding her resignation. In other words, you… The People… work for Obama, not the other way around.

Sticker shock. Redistribution of Wealth. The Middle Class subsidizing the Poor.

The word “Socialism” is not too strong.

The White House asked Blue Cross to hide their pathetically small numbers. At the current rate, it will take 50 years to enroll enough people. The IRS, HHS and Treasury all admit they knew the website wasn’t going to be ready beforehand. And they didn’t tell Obama? That is incredibly hard to believe. Obama didn’t know about the website debacle just like he didn’t know about us spying on the German chancellor, or Benghazi, or the IRS targeting of conservatives, or Fast and Furious. The most powerful man on the planet doesn’t seem to know anything about anything. Can you say gross incompetence?

The worst part is the dictatorial authority the president has claimed. Democrats keep claiming that Obamacare is “the law of the land” and therefore can’t be delayed or altered…unless, of course, you’re Obama, who treats the “law of the land” like a restaurant menu. He forces individuals and small businesses to buy something they can’t buy, on a website that doesn’t work, at a price that is incredibly high.

On the other hand he lets powerful lobbying groups like Big Business, politicians, and Unions off the hook by delaying their requirements by a year. That, dear friends, is tyranny… enforcing punitive laws against the helpless while the powerful buy themselves a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card. I thought our forefathers fought a revolution to avoid all that.

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