Biz Buzz Bucks the Trend and Heads To Cowboys in the Country!

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Dianne Lively Yost

Dianne Lively Yost

by Dianne Lively Yost, Biz Buzz Columnist

Yeehaw y’all! Momma’s all geared up in her cowboy boots and hat! Let’s head over to the barn and the ridin’ yard to watch her break Pappy – Morgan County’s meanest, baddest Pony! I’m talkin’ he bites, kicks, bucks, rears up and runs like a hyper hyena! Pappy’s goin’ down today! Go Momma! Show Pappy who’s the boss! Whoa Nelly! Pappy’s done bit Momma on the bowhonker and she’s as mad as a mule eatin’ bumblebees! I’m talkin’ steam is pourin’ from her ears and her face is as red as fire engine! Poor Pappy’s caught now y’all! But, he’s tryin’ to buck her off! Hold on Momma! Ding dang! Pappy’s done jumped the fence with Momma and they are flat out of sight headin’ towards Rutledge! I reckon Momma will show up at Cowboys!

And, speakin’ of Cowboys . . . Cowboys is now known as Cowboys in the Country and is under the new ownership of Debbie and Ronnie Vining of Rutledge! Anyhow Debbie wanted me to tell all y’all that they have live music every Saturday, line dancin’ every Wednesday evening and they serve lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. til 2 p.m. Ding dang! Hey also they have a brand new website at and a new Facebook page at Cowboys in the Country! Y’all check it all out! Plus I flat can’t wait to get over there for lunch ‘cause Debbie says their hot wings are the best in Morgan County! Ding dang! Momma loves those wings! Check it all out! Cowboys in the Country is located at 7181 Atlanta Hwy. in Rutledge!

In addition to Cowboys in the Country, y’all check out the Rutledge Page this week in the Citizen! Honey everything’s goin’ on over there . . . form Young Yoga, fab candy at Neighbor’s Market, great eats at The Caboose and awesome styles at Reflection’s to holiday gifts at LilyBeth’s, Cowboys in the County and Christmas in the Country schedule of events and fab frames at Rutledge Frame Shop! Y’all check out these fantastic local businesses!

This just in. The Chamber’s Ellen Ianelli wants all y’all to tune in this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. for GPB’s Georgia Traveler! Honey they are featurin’ Southern Cross Guest Ranch! For more intel, visit! Yay!

Lead the Band! Momma wants to be the Grand Marshall of the Holiday Parade on December 14 in downtown Madison! Yes! She said she’d dress up like a ding dang elf with pointy shoes and pointy Spock ears! Ok so anyhow Colleen Hall over at the City of Madison says she’s already wearin’ her pointy ears and pointy shoes and she wants us all to get into the spirit too and be a part of the annual Holiday Parade! That’s right! Get a float! The theme this year is “Storybook Christmas” and you can downtown your application at! It’s free! Hummm . . .Maybe momma can dress up like the Ghost of Christmas Past! That way she won’t have to buy a costume! I just think th…SLAP! Momma just slapped me to last Thanksgivin’ and back! Ding dang that hurt!

Yikes! I flat near forgot! Theresa Bishop of BB&G located at 115 South Main St., in downtown Madison is celebratin’ Festa Vietri this Thursday, November 7 through Saturday November 9! Honey pick up one of the limited St. Nick Serving Bowls and check out the Vietri Christmas line! Yes!

Ok y’all I gotta split this scene and eat out LOCALLY! It’s my all-time favorite pastime! Won’t you join me! Let’s ride Clyde!

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