Godfrey Community Barbeque is coming this Saturday, Nov. 9

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Rachel Harper, Columnist

It seems like all of sudden just this week the leaves have really started changing and they are getting really pretty.  They are really starting to fall, too.  We always joke and say, “Pretty soon our curtain will be down!”  We live a good ways back off the road and during the spring and summer you can’t hardly see our house from the road, but once the leaves are gone you can see us pretty good; can even tell if the car is under the carport, if you look close enough.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to sit on the porch and be able to watch the cars go by and see if you recognize anyone, but I have grown to like living off the road.   Tim, Cathy, and Kacey traveled to Amsterdam this past week as Kacey had the week off at school.  They have the most work and school holidays over there we have ever heard of!  They are having quite the adventure I must say.  While in Amsterdam Tim sent a picture of a bicycle parking deck; you have never seen as many bicycles in your life!  It looked like a car parking deck in Athens on a game day! Unbelievable!  Another Belgium tidbit:  They only have one sale day a year in the stores! Don’t know why that is, either; but it must be quite a blue-ribbon day over there!  We are all looking forward to them coming home during Christmas!

Everyone is so glad that Aubrey Moon is recuperating after he had to have emergency surgery last week for a large hemotoma on his brain that had to removed ASAP.  He came through the surgery well, but is still in the hospital where he is recovering.  Aubrey, we are all sending out many healing thoughts and prayers for you at this time!   Please continue to remember Bob McAllister and his family with your prayers also.  Dean Strange continues to get his strength back as well as Allie Nash; Praise the Lord!  Everyone remember the Godfrey community barbecue this coming Saturday, Nov. 9.  They will be serving up some good barbecue and stew plates from 11a.m. – 2 p.m.  Some good homemade desserts will also be included.  Tickets for a chance to win one of Mrs. Thelma Moon’s delicious caramel cakes will also be sold on that day.  Proceeds go to the community to help out with the park expenses and other things that are needed.

One important thing to remember is that they have the Seven Islands Road closed that goes into Godfrey from Hwy. 441 and from Pierce Dairy Road due to the fact that the county is replacing the Indian Creek bridge.  You will have to come into Godfrey from the Monticello Road, which is quite a detour, but there is no getting around it.   Our Maggie played on a Rec. Dept. soccer league team this fall and she had a great time.  Her coach was our own Fairview community resident, Paige Mealor Peotrowski, who is Roy and Tootsie Mealor’s daughter.  She did a wonderful job and at the last game, the team was treated to a pizza party and cupcakes (I bet they were made by Tootsie!!). She even gave every player a little trophy with their name and an inscription.  Maggie’s was for “most aggressive player!!”  That needs explaining!  She was really the only girl on a team of boys; there was another little girl, but she was the youngest on the team;  she wasn’t that crazy about being out there, anyway.  During the first game she got hit by the ball and I think that did it for her.

From them on, she would go in the opposite direction if she saw the ball coming!  Maggie was like that about two years ago, but now, she gets right in there with them and she did do a good job.  Congratulations, Maggie!!   Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed a long weekend in Florida where they along with many others enjoyed going to the GA. – FLA. game and watching them squeeze out a win!  Chip, Shannon, Ben, and Will Porter all participated in the family fun night they had last week up at our local Chick-Fil-A.  Ben took his award winning show sheep and goats and Chip took a John Deere tractor.  Constance Johnston also took her show heifer to give all the children a chance to pet the animals and see what life on the farm is about.

We also want to congratulate Diane Davies, a Buckhead resident, who was honored this past week when the Diane Davies Natural History Museum was dedicated in her honor.  Diane is a retired 4-H specialist with the Extension Service.  She started the Natural History Program at Rock Eagle with a $300.00 annual budget and six months to establish the program.  Diane now lives on Apalachee River Road where she and her friend, Sara Thompson, have a pottery studio.  They do beautiful work!  Congratulations, Diane, on this special honor!

Mrs. Frances Brewer enjoyed some visitors from Cornelia this week as Otis Brewer’s niece and her husband, Marjorie and Kenneth Alexander came down and paid her a long visit.  In addition to the Alexanders several more of the Brewer cousins came also which made for a good day of visiting.  In years past, they would all get together quite often.   The Alford family of Buckhead held their annual reunion down at Bonner’s Restaurant on Sunday afternoon.

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