Good Old Homemade Butter, Milk and Biscuits – Oh My!

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore, Columnist

The Belles of Buckhead enjoyed a trip to North Georgia recently to tour the Foxfire Museum and the Heritage Center. This is in Mountain City near Clayton. On the return they stopped at “Goats on the Roof,” where there are goats to watch, a nice gift center and delicious ice cream. It was a fun day! The hostesses for the day were Lady Sunshine and Lady Rose. Judy Belin had an October birthday. A belated happy birthday to you, Judy!

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel had a movie on Sunday night at 6 p.m. Once you see the world through Jimmy’s eyes, it will never be the same again.

Their brotherhood meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 6:30 p.m. There will be music, devotion, food and fellowship. Invite a friend! The Christian ladies luncheon is Saturday, Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. Here is a special announcement.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel Homecoming is Sunday, Nov. 17 with a covered dish lunch and fellowship. You all come. No service that night. The Buckhead Baptist Church will have a meeting of “Women to Women” on Tuesday, Nov.12 at 7 p.m. There will be a guest speaker. She is Evelyn Beeland who teaches bible studies at the Greensboro First Baptist Church. You will enjoy hearing her speak so mark your calendar to attend this special time for ladies.

The church received four new members Sunday. I regret to hear that Naomi Brown was in the hospital recently. I hope that you are much better now. Sara Nell Bonner retired from Wal-Mart after working for 26 years. Get good rest Sara Nell! My husband and I enjoyed it on Saturday when Julie Godbee came to take us for a visit to their home for a short time. We enjoyed it. Sunday our friend Scott, a deer hunter, got food from the marina.

I had some food so we got a card table. We put it in the sun. We enjoyed a nice picnic. It wasn’t cold at all. The sun was almost hot. All of you that love wrestling look for it at the Buckhead Fire Department soon. Remember that $1 of each ticket goes to the Buckhead Fire Department. Katy’s Korner closed for a few days while Cleve and Vicky went to the mountains for a few days to be with family up there. Some years ago my husband worked in town. He had to be there at seven a.m. He was up earlier to eat breakfast and to go to the old barn to milk the few cows that we had at the time that were giving milk. He brought it back to the house for mama or me to handle.

After I got the children up and given breakfast it was time for me to start getting ready to churn. But I waited until the girls were off to school. I had a large piece of flexible-like paste board that had come out of a box that we had gotten in town. I put it on the floor in the kitchen near the sink.

I put the two-10 gallon churns on this material to not mess up the floor. I wiped the parts of the electric churns that we put into the milk even though they were clean, even scalded the day before. Pretty soon you could hear the hum; the slosh of the milk as the electric churns did their work. In what seemed to be the needed time, the first motor would be stopped to take a look. If globs of butter were not all in the churn the motor was started again. The second churn likewise was checked. When I felt like it was already a butter splashier, which is what you can use to churn by hand is gotten out. It too has been scaled but cooled. The electric motors are removed.

The splashier is used to gather the butter all together. It is put into a bowl of cold water. The milk is poured into cooled, scalded jars and put into the refrigerator. Sometime it was hard to find room for it all. There happened to be two young neighbors that came often for their mother to make buttermilk biscuits, I suppose. There were others that came right on while the milk was so fresh. There were others that lived at Swords and Buckhead that wanted a half-gallon or a gallon at a time. I loaded up the back seat of my car with two or three boxes with jugs of milk.

Back at home the bowls of butter that were in cold water that were in the refrigerator were gotten out. A butter paddle was used to work in the butter to get the milk out and to pour that water out and put fresh water in. Once it was like I wanted it I put it into a butter mold that my daddy had made. He had put his initials B.B. (Brad Brake). I had paper from the bakery or the meat market. I put the butter onto it. It was folded neatly. It was ready for sale. It was one pound. I sold all that the cows let me have. May I add this was many years ago. It was before the government was into it. Many of us had some good milk and butter. It didn’t kill anybody! And boy did we have good buttered biscuits and butter pound cakes.

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