Oh, the beauty of fall and fall leaves

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, Columnist

Sorry,  I missed you last week. I just did not have anything new to tell you. I’ll try to make up for it this beautiful but sad Monday in November. Looking out side I can see a “sea” of leaves already been blown clean several times and here they are still falling…oh, the beauty and wonders of fall and falling leaves and God’s magnificent world. Good attendance for both services on Sunday.

Taking his message from John 5: 31-47 Butch spoke to us about “Call to the stand”.   Can we get a witness from anyone other than Jesus Christ….how do you stand for Him?   Jesus made many claims, “I am the way, the truth and the life”….”if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father”.   And many other claims. John the Baptist witnessed for Christ… His works, (will testify).  He has the power to heal. The Father was a witness, the Scripture verse 39. Moses, witnessed, gave the law, and established a nation.

Again,  can we witness for Him? On Sunday night  Butch talked about the terms of decipleship,  Desire, Denial, Devotion, from Luke 9. Our hearts are saddened and heavy today. Cliff Walker is not only a member of our church he is also a neighbor to us here on Blue Springs Drive. On Friday night Cliff had a bad fall in the yard.

At the hospital they did find some broken bones as expected. Terrific pain for him. On Sunday God called Cliff home to be with Him eternally.   This has hit all of us as we are all close family here in our church. His precious body is at Carter’s Funeral Home with visitation on Tuesday night and the funeral on Wednesday. He leaves to grieve,  his immediate family,  his devoted wife, Betty,  Shondia and Herman Evans, Heather, Ethan and Trey;  Mike, his sons,  Cole and Justin and Dawn Walker. We send our most sincerest love and sympathy to each member at this sad time. Pray for this family as they face these days.

Several members from the Over and Under Sunday School Class,  (the young adults)  enjoyed an outing at Little Tokyo recently. We enjoyed a nice visit from Alfred and Maudie Buice last Sunday.   Alfred is still struggling with health issues and we pray for a good report from his doctors. We enjoyed our daughter Jill this week end. She came down to celebrate her sister, Gayle’s birthday with her. Gayle, Jill and I had a good day on Saturday as we did things together.

We miss doing this as it was something we always did when Jill lived here. Happy belated birthday wishes to Gayle Holmes. We love you. Clarke Kesler has a new place for his Gospel singings. He sent it on Facebook and I lost it.  But I do remember it is a Methodist church in Maysville.  Every Thursday night at 6:45.  This week he will have Straitway as special guests.   Clarke, when you have time, please e-mail me this information.

I told you about the terrible wreck in which Tim Moore and his daughter Rachael were hurt badly. Tim seems to be doing better, letting all his broken bones heal and Rachael has been moved to a children’s hospital in Pennsylvania.   We continue to pray for this dear little girl that has suffered so much….but God has the healing power.  This Saturday Rodney Bowles will be down at the auction in Crawfordville.  They are planning for a good sale coming up on Thanksgiving night when Gary Hilborn from New York will be here.

That sale will begin at 5:00.   Belated birthday wishes for Billie Jo Arnold on the 9 and Butch Jackson on the 13.  Mike Walker and Sara Ann McLendon on the 20, Greg Simmons on the 21.   Kathleen and Curtis Baughcum both have birthdays this month, special blessings for them.   Also, Virgil Bumgarner has a birthday in November but I do not have the date. Someone please help me here. Benefits for lemon water:  Good for weight loss!

Relieves digestion problems, controls high blood pressure, and it helps in removing wrinkles and blackheads. Now don’t you feel better knowing all this about the beautiful lemon?    So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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