“Show Hope” benefit concert at Perk Avenue this Saturday

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

As I am starting my column on this Monday morning, I am first of all, so thankful for all the veterans of this great country.  Because of them we can  enjoy all the freedoms that we are all blessed with.  My great, great grandfathers and on down to my father and my brother, Tim Wilson, as well as many uncles and cousins have all served at one time or another in some branch of the armed services and in different wars.

I appreciate every one of them.  God bless America!  On Sunday night we watched Billy Graham’s, “The Cross” which came on the FOX network as part of the Billy Graham, My Hope America, project.  It was a very powerful program.

We as Christians should pray for our country as we have never prayed before and for our children and young people as we never have before.  It can be a terrible and frightening world out there and they need Christ as their Savior in order to be able to make it and withstand the wiles of the devil.   When you have Christ in your heart he is always  there and will never leave or forsake you.  Bad and unfortunate things will and most probably will still happen, but God will help you to make it through to the other side.

I thought it was quite remarkable that they showed this program on National TV and I applaud them for it.  God Bless them! We are so glad to report that Aubrey Moon is making good progress and is now in the Rehab unit of St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens.  Praise the Lord!  We are also glad that Bobby Brewer is recuperating well at home after having an out-patient heart procedure recently.  We also need to remember Rocky Accord as he had surgery this past week at the Cancer Centers of America hospital in Newman on Friday.

At last reports he was making good progress also and hopefully will be able to return home this week.  We are also happy to hear that Peggy Mitchem Wood is now at her home in Milledgeville.  After her stem cell transplant, she make rapid and excellent progress ahead of schedule!  Allie Nash and Dean Strange are doing well also.

We certainly to continue to remember all of these in our thoughts and prayers for continued progress and healing. Peyton and Ella Grace Fortson enjoyed spending time with their grandparents, Marty and Connie Wilson, during last week and the weekend as their parents, Marc and Laurie Fortson traveled to a resort in Mexico where they celebrated their 10 year anniversary and Laurie’s birthday.

All of the children and grandchildren of Mrs. Mary Ainslie had a get-together on Saturday at her house where they celebrated her birthday with a meal and birthday cake, of course!  Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ainslie!  Frances Brewer enjoyed having a room full of company on last Tuesday as several of the Brewer cousins from Cornelia all drove down for a visit.  They were the children of the late Zelma Brewer Colston. and were Marjorie and Kenneth Alexander, Carl and Genevieve Colston, Weldon Colston and Paul Colston.

The cousins along with James Melvin and Inez Brewer enjoyed lunch together at the Madison Cracker Barrell before visiting that afternoon.  Glenn Brewer of Deland, Florida also came by for a visit on Wednesday morning with his mother.

I enjoyed going to the art show at the Primary School on this past Thursday afternoon where Maggie’s art was displayed.  She and her sister, Karalynn, are quite artistic.   Raegan had a teacher work-day holiday this past Monday and she and I enjoyed visiting with Connie Zachary and Ellen Brice who were babysitting the Bruce twins, Rylee and Harper.

They are walking and talking.  No telling what they tried after Raegan had entertained them with some of her gymnastic moves!   Sarah Nell Craig along with her daughter, Stephanie Kenny and her children, Peyton, Meri, and Elise all traveled to Aberdeen, North Carolina where they attended the 5th birthday party of Layna Loudermelk.

Layna is the daughter of Stacy and Brent Loudermelk.  Happy Birthday, Layna!  Rhonda Garrison and her girls, William and Gloria Crew along with Vickie Malik all attended the open house of the St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Greensboro on Sunday afternoon.  It looks beautiful from the road and they all said it is a gorgeous impressive facility.

Rhonda has been working in the office at the St. Mary’s in Greensboro in the old building and is very excited to be moving to this new building.  Congratulations!  McCayla Cook will be performing at Perk Avenue here in Madison on this coming Saturday night, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. This will be a benefit concert  for “Show Hope”  an organization that is showing hope to orphans and the families that wish to adopt them.

All of the money raised will go to that organization.  Show Hope aids families in providing financial assistance to people who want to adopt, but also helps orphans by providing medical care.   There was a wonderful article in last week’s paper about this program.  November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  Come early and enjoy a wonderful dinner as well,  the concert starts at 7 p.m.   Congratulations to the Everette Williams family as their farm as been named as a Centennial Farm in Georgia.

We also want to congratulate Heather Hardy Leo as she has been named as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Briarlake Church in Atlanta.  Congratulations, Heather!   We are reminding the Fairview Club members of our upcoming meeting on next Wednesday, November 20 at 2 p.m, which will meet at the home of Joan Gilbert on Pierce Dairy Road.  We are planning on having a program on Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations for your home.  If you have a special container or wreath that you would like help with, please bring it.

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