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On November 5 Ruby Mancini, 36, Madison, was arrested and charged with burglary. According to reports, a woman alleged Mancini entered her Confederate Road residence and took two boxes of food and prescription medicine.

On November 10 a battery complaint was filed at a Briar Creek Lane location. According to reports, a woman stated that she was watching her daughter’s children while the daughter and a friend attended a University of Georgia football game. The woman said when the two woman came to the house the daughter and friend allegedly jumped her after she made a remark regarding the daughter’s Bulldog decoration. The woman said the daughter threw her to the ground and that her female friend allegedly jumped on top of her and choked her. The daughter told a deputy that the altercation began when the mother grabbed her Bulldog and threw it. The mother reported that persons involved in the altercation had been drinking. The daughter and friend made contact with a person who came to the residence and removed the daughter, the friend and the daughter’s two children.

On November 9 an arrest warrant was issued for David Gregory Moss, 44, Bishop. According to reports, a woman alleged that Moss struck her with both closed and open fists. Deputies arrived at the Price Mill Road residence and observed that the complainant had bruises on her upper arms, neck and face. The complainant told the officers that Moss was “going to kill me.” The complainant said Moss had fled the residence when he observed the patrol cars entering the driveway. Deputies searched for Moss but did not locate him. They returned, however, and did question a second man who was allegedly with Moss. They later returned again and were told by the complainant that the previous incident was caused “because she was running her mouth.”

On November 7 a suspicious activity report was filed at a Walton Mill Road location. According to reports, a woman reported hearing a car door close at 4 a.m. She said the next morning she observed three foot prints in a muddy area next to a side entry door to the residence.

On November 7an information report was filed at a Mallory Road location. According to reports, a woman met a deputy on the road and reported that she had located the remains of her dead Pit Bull dog that had been missing for two weeks. The woman took the deputy to the location and the deputy observed a dead dog in the ditch that had decomposed. The woman said she needed a police report regarding the incident for an on-coming court case and that she was going to have the dog’s remains transported to a veterinarian for an autopsy.

On November 4 a verbal dispute report was filed at a Prospect Road location. According to reports, a man alleged that his brother had taken $200 from his pants pocket. The complainant said he had showed the brother the money and the next morning it was missing from his pants. The complainant said he had been at the Orchard Grove apartment complex the day before “shooting dice” when he noticed someone had dropped $200. He said he picked up the money and kept it. He was told by a deputy that keeping the money was considered “theft.” The man allegedly told the deputy “Finders keepers, losers weepers.” The brother denied taking the money.

On November 4 simple battery complaint was filed at a Clack Road location. According to reports, a woman alleged that her fiance’s son had grabbed her by the arms and thrown her to the ground. The woman alleged that the son “drinks all day and night and lays in his bedroom all day, every day.” The complainant said an argument ensued when she told the son to call a man regarding a job and that the son refused to return her cell phone.

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