MCHS students prepare for a week of ‘anti-bully’ activities

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By Leila Dycus

Staff Writer

Morgan County High School’s Anti-Bullying Organization has been hard at work the past few weeks in preparation for Anti-Bullying Week. In August, the Anti-Bullying Organization and MCHS began planning for one of it’s biggest events of the year- Anti-Bullying week, which takes place Nov 18 through Nov 22. Anti-Bullying week stems from the club. The Anti-Bullying club is a group that focuses on bringing awareness to issue of bullying. The club meets during club days and after school to promote acceptance.

During club meetings students are able to hear different presentations about the issue. The student leaders have worked to use the school’s morning broadcast as a way to bring awareness to their club and the issue of bullying. According to the club’s president, Justin Armistead, the club also has a YouTube Channel that students can look at to see what the club is working on. Students will find videos of the clubs meetings and presentations made by members on this channel. During the school’s Anti-Bullying week, the club will show one of their videos and a power point presentation that they have put together.

The goal of the video and presentation is to bring awareness to the issue of bullying at MCHS. According to co-vice president of the club Jack LeClair bullying in Morgan County schools is not as prevalent as it is in other school systems. Although bullying is not as prevalent as it could be it is still present at MCHS. The leadership members discussed how their club has the ability to reach many people due to the fact that the whole county comes through the one high school. The school also has a code of conduct that has rules to combat bullying.

Valerie Hawk, the club’s first secretary, pointed out that all Morgan County students know about One Morgan. One Morgan is the idea that the students are one collective body. This idea has impacted students and encouraged them to be a unified group. The Anti-Bullying organization at MCHS takes the idea of One Morgan and incorporates it in their mission to end bullying.

One way that MCHS shows spirit is through encouraging students to wear certain spirit wear. On top of the video and presentation students will be encouraged to wear red and purple clothes on a set days. Red is a color worn to symbolize stopping the act of bullying. Purple represents the idea of hope; hope that many students that are affected by bullying cling to. Wearing red and purple will also help students to keep the issue of bullying in their minds and encourage them to not bully others.

During Enrichment, students will be shown videos and messages that bring awareness to combat bullying. At the conclusion of the week, students will be encouraged to sign a pledge to stop bullying. The pledges will then be put on display on the walls of the school.

This is a way for the Anti-Bullying club at MCHS to joins together with the national movement against bullying. The club will host a cookout on Friday after school to celebrate the awareness that is brought to anti-bullying during the week’s events. Anti-Bullying efforts at MCHS will not end when the week is over. The club also hopes to speak at other Morgan County schools to teach younger students that bullying is not an option. They will also continue to meet during club periods. For more information about the Anti-Bullying Club at MCHS, check out their Facebook page.

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