There’s no real reason to go elsewhere when you can shop locally

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Dianne Lively Yost

Dianne Lively Yost

By Dianne Lively Yost, Columnist

Momma’s got PawPaw’s fine binoculars and her birdin’ britches on! And you know what that means: She’s tendin’ to her nest egg! Let’s spy on her for a bit from the kitchen window! There she is now . . . right over by the big oak tree in the cow pasture! Well I’ll be dad blasted! Momma’s done built a tree house up there near her nest egg and she’s just a climbin’! What the? “Aiyeeeeeee!” Momma’s screamin’ like a banshee chasin’ a rascal raccoon down from the tree ‘cause he’s got her nest egg in his little bitty pickpockety paws! Catch ‘em Momma! Hold on y’all while I get PawPaw’s shotgun! BOOM! Roasted Raccoon.

It’s what’s for dinner! We’re totally gonna roast him right up in PawPaw’s Big Green Egg that he got LOCALLY down at The Thrifty Mac located at 218 South Main Street in downtown Madison! Can you flat believe it? It’s HOLIDAY SHOP LOCAL TIME! Hey and that also means it’s time to plan the perf Holiday party! Y’all check out all the cool, cool restaurants with space you can reserve for perf parties! Plus all these folks are advertisin’ in the Citizen Holiday Tour supplement! I’m talkin’ in Madison there’s famous Ricardo’s, the fab Madison ChopHouse Grille, chic Town 220, yummy Yesterday Café in Rutledge and The Caboose in Madison and Rutledge! Love it! Don’t worry y’all! We’re goin’ local Holiday shoppin’ with Momma next week!

Smart is the new Sexy honey and Smart Sexy advertisers are spendin’ marketin’ dollars in the Citizen’s Christmas Tour Supplement! It’s the best ding dang advertising vehicle EVER! Plus it’s the most affordable costin’ only $120 for a ¼ page ad for unbeatable local and regional coverage! We’re workin’ closely with the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce for this year’s Christmas tour supplement ‘cause it’s gonna be the official guide to the tour! Oh and we’re publishin’ a total of 8,000 tour supplements! Wow! Shoot fire is right! That’s 5,000 inserted in the Thanksgivin’ week Citizen and another 3,000 distributed to tour participants the following week! WOW! We even have scores of Lake Oconee area advertisers buying the supplement! Ad deadline is this Friday so y’all call Ryan or Dianne at the Citizen at 706-342-7440 if you want ad space!

Did somebody mention the Chamber? Yes! The Biz Buzz just got off the phone with Chamber President Bob Hughes and honey he wants all y’all to know that next Wednesday’s Industry Tour will feature Madison-based Flambeau located at 1330 Atlanta Highway next to Pennington Seed! Anyhow, Flambeau has 150,000 square feet of manufacturin’ space for all types of products! They supple components to Caterpillar, Corvette and other automotive clients! They also manufacturer parts for lawn mower engines and then some! Y’all call Shey at the Chamber at 706-342-4454 to reserve your spot! Space is limited and the event includes lunch for a small fee! If you are plannin’ to go, meet up at Flambeau at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20!

Hey! Y’all head over to BB&G (Belles, Beaux & Gifts) this Saturday for a Holiday Open House this Saturday, Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m.! Plus there’s gonna be a book signin’ with Southern Living’s Rebecca Lang from 11 a.m. til 1 p.m. for her book: Around the Southern Table! Get your signed copy for Christmas! BB&G is located at 115 South Main Street in downtown Madison! That’s all y’all! Don’t forget to SHOP LOCAL and remember: You’re all invited back next week to this locality, to have a heapin’ helpin’ of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now. Ya’ hear?

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