Wrap up good and warm for this week

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Marshall White from Canada visited his father, Charles in Hartwell. They came to visit Frieda White one day last week. Teresa Wallace and the youth at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel have been publishing a nice paper each month. It is placed at different places. You should get one if possible to see what a great job that they do. Teresa does a great job with the youth. Sunday night at 6 p.m. Buckhead Baptist and Grace Bible Church will come to the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel to observe Thanksgiving.

Each year the service is held at a different church. Why not make your plans to attend? Edna Smith spent a few days at Jennie and Jamie Winter’s house in Montarey, Tenn. They brought her home and spent a few days here. Linda and Beatrice Smith from Eatonton came to see her one afternoon. It is good that Jo Ann Roberts is spending a few days here before she moves to Florida for good. She has been there with her son Larry, but now she plans on the final move. I’m sorry about that. I haven’t heard anything about the tree lighting so far at Buckhead. I was told that the tree had been cut down. Perhaps someone can let me know before next week so that I can get the information in the paper. Many of us have sad times in life. At the time we feel so overwhelmed that we feel that everything in life has caved in on us. Our load, our burden is so heavy that it seems that no one else has ever had any thing like it. Anyone that has never lived through this particular thing would think that it is stupidity.

I am thinking about the loss of a beloved long time pet that someone has had for many years. I know of someone that lost one today. I can imagine that there may be someone like you or you out there that lost your beloved pet recently. To us they are not as animals they are family. Someone that may be alone, you had an animal. This animal followed you everywhere at home. It slept with you. Perhaps it rode in the car where you went. Your grief is so heavy that you feel like you can hardly bear to go on. Further to you, you think that your grief is so heavy that no one could possibly understand. I lost a black poodle a few years ago. He was so smart. I gave him his medicines and looked after him. But one night he died while I was asleep. He went into the hall to die. My husband carried him and gave him a nice burial. There were months that I could not go by his grave. Finally, after I had gotten a beautiful Doberman I was able to go by my baby’s grave. God is there to help you even when you grieve over your pet or when you grieve period. I send my sympathy to my friend that lost her pet today and to all of you that your beloved animal died or had to be put down.

As I said, I know what you went through. So does the Lord. We just need to talk to Him about it. The Bible tells us too that we are to bring our burdens to Him. In time, even grief seems to lighten up some. It doesn’t go away. But the God of heaven and earth is with you to ease your load whether it is a family member, a friend or a pet. When the cold weather gets here this week, I hope that you can get all wrapped up good and will be warm. Save any news that you may have for next week. I was not able to get much this week.

Have a great week. My daughter Linda and I went to see the new hospital at Greensboro Sunday afternoon. It is nice and very pretty. But good grief, there was an overflowing of people there. We only saw William and Gloria Crew that we knew. There were hundreds of people there. It was good to see Gloria. I had not seen her in years. I see William at the store.

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