Donna Sheldon makes campaign stop in Madison

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As part of her district–wide launch of her run for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, former State House GOP Caucus Chair Donna Sheldon stopped in Madison last week. Sheldon, a conservative candidate seeking the seat, said she would combat what she called an “acute case of insideritous” in Washington with firm term limits. According to a press release issued by the Sheldon campaign, Sheldon said, “Many of the problems coming out of Washington today are caused by a culture of incumbency protection and career politician mindset. If Congress was looking out for citizens rather than themselves, they would make better laws and policies.” Sheldon has proposed a limit on both senators and congressmen of 12 years; two terms for senators and six terms for congressmen.

“If you can’t make a difference in 12 years you shouldn’t be there in the first place.” “If members of Congress know they are going to have to live under the laws they pass and that they will have to do so soon, they will make better laws.”

In the House, Sheldon served as the vice chairman of the House Transportation Committee and was a member of the Appropriations subcommittee on Health, as well as serving on the Economic Development, Tourism and Ethics committees.

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