Morgan School system projects savings with phone system switch

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Staff Writer

The newly consolidated phone system for Morgan County Schools is now fully functional, announced Jay Cawley, director of technology for the Morgan County School System, at the monthly school board meeting on Nov. 11. Morgan County Schools switched from service with AT&T to ENA (Education Networks of America), which will in the long run save the school system a significant amount of money. “We will see a return on our investment within 18 to 24 months, and from there on out, we will be saving a good deal of money every month,” explained Cawley. The new phones were installed over the summer, but only became fully functional just two weeks ago.

The new IP-based phone system will not only save money but further unify and integrate the technology of the schools. “The replacement and consolidation of the phone systems is proceeding as planned.” “We have deployed the new system and switched our PRI service from AT&T to ENA at a less expensive price. For the first time we have one phone system for the county and are already seeing the advantages of a unified phone system. “

“The replacement phone system and service switch will provide a significant monthly cost savings.” “Because we are in the process of switching we do not yet know the exact savings,” said Cawley.

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