State says local schools earn top accreditation

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Staff Writer

The results are in for Morgan County Schools from the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC) accreditation visits during late October. All four schools were rated as “Accredited with Quality,” according to Superintendent Ralph Bennett. “That is the highest rate the GAC gives. It’s the top of the top. I am pleased that all four of our schools have gotten this recognition,” said Bennett. The GAC, an independent agency, is run by a board of elected educators who aim to measure and improve educational standards throughout Georgia.

The GAC board aids and better prepares teachers and other professional educators. According to a GAC press release, “The mission of the Georgia Accreditation Commission is twofold: to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia and to encourage schools to meet the established standards. GAC provides an accreditation process designed to establish and uphold standards, to strengthen the quality of education in each school, and to assure its membership and the general public that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.” In addition to receiving GAC’s highest ranking, The Georgia Department of Education announced on Nov. 12 that the Morgan County Elementary School is on the 2013 list of Reward Schools.

“We are now a Title I school,” said Superintendent Ralph Bennett. Reward Schools are recognized in two categories: highest performing and high progress. A “Highest-Performing School” is a Title I school among the 5 percent of Title I schools in the state that has the highest absolute performance over three years for the “all students” group on the statewide assessments.

“We have a tradition of excellence in Morgan County,” said Jim Malanowski, principal of Morgan County High School. “We are always focusing on how we can do what we do even better.”

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