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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

That cold spell didn’t last long!  It is actually hot and muggy this morning to me.  The people in Illinois and out west need our prayers after having been hit with a tornado this past weekend.  So sad.  I have heard geese honking all through the day today; so they are busy going to where they are going.

The Source of Light Ministry family as well as the Bethany and Centennial families were saddened this past week when the Lord called Bob McAllister to his heavenly home on Tuesday afternoon.  Bob had only been sick for a few short months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Due to the kind of cancer, there just wasn’t anything that the doctor could do. Bob was a true servant of God, having been born to his missionary parents, Mary and Doug McAllister and really grew up in the Amazon basin where they were missionaries.  After growing up and attending college, he also had the call to be a missionary and to return to Brazil.

While there he met and married the love of his life Grace and then they both continued to spread the word to the Brazilian people.  Many of you probably know Grace as she worked here in Madison at Walmart.  She is a kind, gentle soul and was a wonderful wife and helpmate for her husband.

They have a son, Isaac, who is a nice, good-looking young man.  Isaac really took care of his father when he became ill and for that reason, Grace was able to continue working at Walmart until just a few weeks ago when Bob’s condition became much worse.

He is to be commended for his love and care for his father.  After returning from Brazil, Bob worked here at the Source of Light Ministries where he was a great asset to the mission by assisting with the Bible lessons being translated into Portuguese and Spanish. You can rest assure that when Bob entered heaven Jesus Christ was able to say to him, “Well done,my good and faithful servant.”

Whenever the McAllister family would return home from the field on furlough, they would make Bethany Baptist Church their home church, so all of us really got to know them and the children as they grew up.  It was good to reconnect with them during this time.

Mrs. McAllister is now 100  years old and is doing very well.  We all extend our deepest sympathy to Grace, Isaac, and all the family at this time.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with all of them.   We also extend our sympathy to the family of Louise Wall who passed away last Thursday night.  Mrs. Wall was the mother of Jim, John and  Henry Wall who grew up here in Madison.  She was 95.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of that family as well.   We are so glad that Aubrey Moon was able to come home this past week and is doing really good!

Rocky Acord was also able to come home last Monday after his surgery and is recuperating at home and doing good.   We Praise the Lord for these answered prayers.   Congratulations are in order for Robert and Janice Wilson Haley as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend.  Their children honored them with a surprise party that was held at their daughter, Jennifer’s, home in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon.   Family from down here were among the ones who enjoyed the luncheon and wedding cake as well as their children and grandchildren.

Congratulations, Robert and Janice, and we wish you many, many more.  We also want to congratulate Edith Roling as she celebrated her 80th birthday this past weekend.  On Saturday evening the Chad Rolings and the Ryan Morgans hosted a birthday celebration for her at the Madison Chophouse Restaurant.   Around 30 friends and family were on hand to wish her a Happy 80th birthday!  We would like to add ours…Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Mrs. Roling.

The Johnny Messer’s along with his other sisters and their families all had an early Thanksgiving dinner at the home of his mother, Mrs. Jackie Messer, on this past Sunday.  Jackie prepared the entire meal and they all agreed it was delicious!   Becky and George Haley along with Larry Brewer visited Frances Brewer on Thursday afternoon.   Ben and Shannon Porter left last Thursday for Louisville, KY, to attend the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE).  Ben showed his two market lambs and did great.  There were 1300 market lambs entered for this year.  In the 15 year old showmanship class, Ben placed fourth out of 48 entries and placed fourth and 10th in the weight class.  It is a huge feat to made it to the top 12 and he did!  This is a national show!   It was a bittersweet time as this was Ben’s last show with his lambs and he sold them where they can go on to do other shows with a different master.  I know it was hard to say good-bye to them, but it was a great ending for his showing!

Esther Curry, John Bruce, and Ellen Bruce took a day trip on last Tuesday to go up to Blue Ridge, and visit with Faye and Jim Sisson.  They found everyone doing well.  They also went to the Mercier Apple House and brought back some delicious North Georgia apples.  Esther also said the leaves were really, really pretty in the mountains.

Last Wednesday Sally Stephens along with a few more of her classmates from the class of 1972 met up with another classmate, Rev. Jim Hollis, who happened to be in town for the day.  Jerry Wilkes even drove down from Franklin, NC to be with them.  Jim is the founder and executive director of Proactive Ministries.  He travels a great deal with his job. They all enjoyed lunch together at the Madison Chophouse.  Maggie spent Saturday and Saturday night with us while her sister, Karalynn, participated in a swim meet in Greenville, SC.  She had excellent placings once again and improved on her best times again.  On Saturday, Maggie and I went out to the girl’s playhouse that Nathan and Papa built for them last year.  We opened the door and you have never seen so many ladybugs in your life.  Most of them were dead.  Maggie said, “Grandma, this is Ladybug Town!”  She was right; I am going to have to get a shop vac to get up all of them!!

The children of Bethany Baptist had their annual monthly get-together at the church fellowship hall on Friday night where they played games and enjoyed a pizza supper.  They are busy preparing and getting ready for the children’s Christmas program on December 8.  They will also have their annual churchwide Christmas lunch on that day.   The Trinity Baptist Church family are all making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans also.  The Trinity family will have their annual Thanksgiving dinner this coming Sunday after the morning services.

Art at the Rock will be held on this coming Saturday and Sunday, November 23rd and 24th, at Rock Eagle.  This is where a lot of artisan craftsmen have booths and will be selling their wares.  Diane Davies and Sara Thompson are among those who will have their  pottery down there.  It begins at 10am on Saturday and at 12 on Sunday. and runs until 4pm, I believe.

Mary Sue Alexander will also have her Christmas Open House this coming weekend at her house on Dickson Road just past the Sunflower festival site.  It will begin on this Thursday evening, Nov. 21st, and continue through the weekend.  She does beautiful hand-painted work with Christmas decorations also.

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