Enjoy God’s abundance by sharing a meal with your loved ones

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, Columnist

What a beautiful day, this 18th day of November. James is out blowing leaves. Seems the more he blows the more we have, more like a spring day instead of fall.

We are getting ready to go into one of the most celebrated seasons of the year, what we call the holidays beginning with Thanksgiving then the joys of celebrating our Lord’s birth, the Christmas season, many of us already making plans with loving family.

Sunday’s message was the last in a series of sermons. Last week we had five witnesses.   This week’s message was titled “The answer to your question is”?   Did Jesus even claim to be God”  Yes, He did. Verse 25 of John 10 tells us,  “I told you, I am the shepherd, Messiah, and God.  His sheep know His voice and they follow Him.  He is the Son of God..He has authority over all powers, all principalities,  Lord of all lords.  Every thing we are is of God.

Sunday night with an extremely good crowd for night services, Butch took his message from Galatians 6: 14-16,  speaking on three crucifixions. Our pre-youth had a great time on Saturday as Eleanor Johnson, Cindy Jackson and Stephanie Martin met with them and taught them a little about cooking. They learned to make several kinds of cookies and pound cake., then they boxed up their goodies and visited with Lou and Jessie Comans,  O. L. Jordan, Betty Walker, Bud Malcom, Charles Johnson and even came by to see James and me. Thank you to each of you girls and the joy you are spreading.

Such a beautiful white flower arrangement placed in loving memory of Cliff Walker.   His funeral was held last Wednesday in our church with a beautiful service. He will be missed, but the joy he will share with his loved ones who have gone on to their heavenly home.

Please continue to remember Betty and his family as they face each day to come and ease the pain in their hearts.

Ronny Jones called me today to remind me of the Thanksgiving singing at Sewell Methodist Church. This Sunday night the 24 at 6pm  Jerry Phillips and the Homeland Boys will be in concert.   I have been asked to sing and I pray I can make arrangements  to be away from my church on this night.

We had a great surprise on Friday afternoon when Curtis and Roxana Arwood from Charlotte surprised us with a visit, this always makes our hearts happy. Saturday night we met up with  Gayle and Susanne and ate at Red Lobster,  then went on to Susanne’s house as Curtis and Roxana had never been to her house.   On Sunday, I guess you can say we were double blessed.

Our # 1 grandson, Trae and Amber Holmes and our darling great grand daughter Ariel came after their church services and ate and visitedwith us. Enjoyed a great time with all of them. Ladies,  remember our next meeting we will be bringing unscented deodorant and toothbrushes for our military Christmas project.   December 7 our Youth will be selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as a fund raiser around Madison. Watch for them and buy a box to help our youth, many thanks.

Mark your calendar for our Christmas play which will be on December 15.   Directed by our pastor, I will give more information later. A lot of excitement around the ABC Auction in Crawfordville coming up this Saturday night, the 23, the meat man, Keith Arnold will be there with food items including great deals on meat and other food items.

Bring your coolers. Coming up on Thanksgiving night Gary Hilborn from New York will be there with Christmas gifts, fishing stuff and mispm:00. Remember our sick and bereaved,  remember our Military,  our Nation and it’s leaders when you pray. We do have a lot of serious illness in our congregation and we ask God’s healing mercy on each one. Happy birthday to Greg Simmons on the 21, Bud Malcom and James Buice on the 27. Anniversary blessings to Steve and Cindy Smith on the 25 and to Shondia and Herman Evans on the 28. Special wishes for a special girl, Miss Rachael Moore, who has been in the hospital about five weeks as result of a bad car accident, and I pray she is home by now.

Rachael will celebrate on the 29. There is no better way to enjoy God’s abundance than to share a meal together with those you love.  From the beginning of time there have been few things that knit us more closely together as humans than to sit down and share a meal together with family and loved ones.   As we begin our Thanksgiving season and think about our blessings,  think of someone less fortunate, maybe share a meal. So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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