Make good use of the magic word (thank you)

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Willie Ann Johnson

Willie Ann Johnson

By Willie Ann Johnson, Columnist

The weather was damp and cool on Saturday and we had a great turnout at the Nursing Home. I thank God for blessing everyone that came far and near to be able to come and bring some joy to the residents. We were glad to have Mother Rebecca Hubbard back with us.

She’s been out for about three months. God is able to do anything but fail. We begin to see things happening with some of our residents. Mrs. Erin Brinkley wanted to sing and she sang, “Down by the River Side.” Mrs. Lunceford sang, “Blessed Jesus hold my Hand,” now to me that is wonderful for them to want to do something for the Lord. Praise God. Mrs. Brinkley kept saying that she was going to lay down her burdens down by the riverside. She was glowing in her face was just bright and beautiful.

She always said I look like Opra Winfrey for some reason. Mother Elaine Atkinson presided; Mother Mary Weaver had the scripture; Octavia Whitlock had prayer; Evangelist Stokes read Psalm 77 Words of Encouragement and a Song. We got work to do down here. Sis. Willie Ann Johnson recited a poem by Joyce Kilmer entitled, “Tree.”

A very beautiful poem I learned in school. Mother Rainwater spoke the Word from Psalm 96 entitled, “Make good use of the magic word (thank you). She always does a beautiful job bringing the word and explained it so powerful. Thank you Mother Rainwater for a job well done. Sis. Linda Cumming did a reading. We thank Sis. Mary Ann Bailey for coming.

She got there late. Sis. Mary Ann we get started at 10 a.m. every third Saturday. We forgot to let the nurses know that the December ministry we will be giving out Christmas gifts to all of the residents. You will be getting a call for how many you have on roll. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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