Mark your calendar for the lighting of the community tree Dec. 1

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore, Columnist

I send my sympathy to the McAllister family in the death of Bob. I know Grace from her working at Wal-Mart. I’ve known her for a number of years. Jo Marcum went to Dublin and carried several homemade cakes for a sale that her daughter is involved in as a money maker for a club or school. She stayed a few days. Then her daughter Sherri Brown, daughter Abby and son Garrett came for several days here. One day Jo’s brothers John Bumgarner and Bob and Janice Bumgarner came.

To Frieda White on November 18 a big happy birthday!

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel people had a great time at homecoming last Sunday. On November 24 the community Thanksgiving service will be at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. Buckhead Baptist, Swords United Methodist and Grace Bible Church will come at 7 p.m. to celebrate together. Jean Phillips and Betty Andrade had surgery recently. They are recuperating nicely and taking therapy.

Reid and Gwen Alliston have had their grandchildren for a few days. Brent and Tiffany Alliston have been there. Then there is the baby great-grandchild Logan Alliston has also been there. They have enjoyed them.

We have several birthdays. Sherri Smith has one on Nov. 20, Jenny Winters on Nov. 22, Larry Thomas on Nov. 27 and Amy Denning had one on Nov.26. I wish a great big birthday to each of you!

The lighting of the community tree in Buckhead is to be December1athe Buckhead Fire Station at 7p.m. There will be singing, fellowship and usually hot chocolate and cookies. Why not mark your calendar for this special time of fellowship and spirit and singing of the birth of Jesus?

John and Gail Wade went to Cornelia to a welcoming party for new baby Eloise who is Gail’s great niece. All of Gail’s sisters, their families, Gail’s family, everyone was there. They had quite a time! There was a large crowd there! Here we are writing about lighting the Christmas tree and we are just at Thanksgiving. My! The weather was so nice today on Nov.18! It was almost like spring! It was warm enough to have the doors open.

I remember days when I was a child when it would be freezing cold at Thanksgiving. Mama would have had a hen up in a pen to get fat for the Thanksgiving meal. She would get all wrapped up, go out to the pen where the chicken was and do the necessary job that we could have the chicken for lunch the next day. She came in to get the scalding hot water to use to dip the chicken feathers. She made quick work of the job because it was so cold. She went to the garden to get turnip greens. She got those but went inside by the fire in the kitchen to get these ready. She had me to string green beans that she had bought. All of this was the day before Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day she got the hen baking, the turnip greens boiling and green beans on the stove. She fixed sweet potatoes by a favorite recipe and made some salads. Everyone would bring something. They might bring a dish that is a repeat of what Mama had but that was okay because there are so many of us to eat. I looked forward to some of the congealed salads that someone brings. And of course we have to have a nice pan of corn bread to go with the turnip greens and other vegetables. Then there is the dressing to make with a hen this size there is plenty of broth but sometimes we boil some boney pieces of chicken to get extra broth to make good dressing and gravy. You see we have to have plenty of food to feed this great number of people. Even with each one bringing something it still takes all that we prepare. We make coffee but our family drinks tea all year through. There were 12 in our family. One died a baby leaving 11. One lived in Florida so he never came home for the holidays. So there were 10 to eat. They were all adults except Betty at the time of which I’m writing. Actually there were nine adults and their mates (18) and their children. There were 26 children among the nine brother and sisters if they all came.

At any rate we had a packed house and some good fun and laughter was had among them of some of the events of when they were growing up. After a day of eating, talking and catching up on some of the latest events in each one’s lives it was time for them to leave for home. With some there were things that were told that left each with a memory to chuckle or to feel sad about. But this was the end of another Thanksgiving in he life of the Brake family.

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