Investigation of card fraud at local truck stop

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By Patrick Yost Editor

Since September, Madison Police Chief Bill Ashburn says, the city of Madison Police Department has received numerous complaints regarding credit card fraud stemming from purchases made at Pilot Truck Stop.

On Monday, Ashburn said the city had made several attempts to investigate the cause of the fraud and where continuing to work with Pilot Truck Stop to determine the nature of the credit card information leaks.

On September 3 a woman reported that she used her debit card at Pilot on August 15 and a day later the card was used in a Kroger in Macon. On October 28 a Madison man reported that someone had used his Pilot fuel card to purchase more than $3,600 in fuel in San Diego.

On November 1 a woman reported that after she used her debit card at Pilot, two days later someone used her information to make purchases for $450 at a Pennsylvania Pilot truck stop. Ashburn said investigators have alerted Pilot to the problem.

“We’ve talked to Pilot and they’ve said its not an issue at this particular store but they’ve had issues at other stores.” Ashburn said investigators have examined the fuel pumps at Pilot to determine if card reading devices have been installed but that they found no evidence.

“We have no indication any devices have been attached to the pumps,” he said. Attempts to reach Pilot corporate offices were unsuccessful by press time Tuesday.

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