MCMS faces George Walton in preseason play

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Leila Dycus, Staff Writer

Leila Dycus intern The Morgan County Middle School Basketball teams took on George Walton Academy this past week. For the girls the game against George Walton proved to be a tough one, but the boys’ team went on to pull out a win.

The MCMS gym was packed with supporters this week as the two teams played in their second preseason game. The girls’ game kicked off first. The game against GWA taught the lady bulldogs team many valuable lessons that will aid in impacting the rest of their season.

GWA lead the MCMS girls’ team 12 to 9 at the half. According to Coach Brian Cousins the team had a hard time trapping George Walton. Cousins said that the team needs to get some more offensive production out of their posts. At the end of the third quarter MCMS girls were still trailing GWA 17 to 9.

The girls began to rally trying hard to make a come back. The girls were able to rally putting nine more points on the board in the forth quarter. However, it wasn’t quite enough to beat George Walton. GWA took the girls game 27 to 18. According to Coach Cousins the game against George Walton Academy taught the team that they need to get better on defense, they need to block out, and rebound better.

This week practices for the girls will include a lot of work on defense. “We have to get back on defense and play with everything we have, we have to close out the shooters and rebound,” said Coach Brian Cousins. “If this happens, we should get more opportunities on the offensive end of the court.”

As long as the coach sees continual improvement on both sides of the ball and as long as they get better each time they go out they will be all right. After the girls game the boys took on GWA. The girls team lined the court cheering on the boys as they ran out for warm ups.

All through the warm up the boys looked ready to go. After a couple of minutes of a scoreless ball game the MCMS team took the first point. At the end of the first quarter the MCMS boys lead GWA 3 to 0. According to Coach Milfred Franklin the GWA game allowed the boys to work on a faster pace up and down the floor by getting the ball up the court on missed shots by the opponent. By the end of the first half, MCMS had widened their lead only allowing GWA four points.

After the break for half time the boys came out ready to finish the game and pull out a win. With a large lead in the second half the boys team was able to go deep into their bench giving much of the team playing time. At the end of the third quarter the MCMS bulldogs lead George Walton 34 to 6. However, George Walton was not willing to give up the fight easily. GWA put 10 points on the board in the forth quarter.

It was not enough to pull out the win. MCMS won the game 34 to 16. According to Coach Franklin the boys half court offense still needs some work because they won’t always be able to run every time. Just like the girls team as long as the coaches see improvement from game to game they will be okay.

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