Student allegedly brings ‘moonshine’ to middle school

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By Patrick Yost Editor

A 14–year–old male Morgan County Middle School student was released to his parents after he allegedly brought a bottle of “moonshine” to campus and shared it with other students.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, the school resource officer was contacted by a school official and told that the student had admitted to school officials that he brought the alcohol to school on Tuesday, November 12 and again on Wednesday, November 13.

The student told officials that he brought the alcohol in a Mountain Dew bottle but later placed the alcohol in a water bottle for another student to hold.

The second student gave officials the water bottle. The 14–year–old led authorities to a trash can where he had dumped the Mountain Dew bottle and it was recovered. Seven other students were questioned in the incident, reports state.

On Thursday, November 14 another 14–year–old male student triggered the school’s fire alarm at 9:45 a.m. He told school authorities, reports state, that he pulled the alarm “to get himself in trouble and that he had no other reason for the action,” reports state.

The student said he had “made a pact” with his friends that if any of them got in trouble “they would go together.” That student was also released to his parents. Morgan County Superintendant Dr. Ralph Bennett said all the students, if the allegations of possession of alcohol are validated, could face disciplinary hearings on the breach of code of conduct rules.

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