Bethany Baptist having children’s Christmas program Dec. 8

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

I want to wish all my readers a very Happy and very blessed Thanksgiving!  We are all blessed beyond measure and it is only by the grace of God that we are.  It is the same God who is with us on the mountaintops, who is also with us in the valleys of our life.  May God richly bless all of you.I am sorry to see a few folks in the Tri-Bee and Godfrey community are having a rough time.  Chad Boyce, who does hoof trimming and foot work on cows, had an accident this past week where he smashed his hand while working on a bull.  He ended up having to have 42 stitches in his hand and is in a lot of pain.  This is going to put him out of work for a good while as he heals.  Mike Lankford of Buckhead had an accident on his horse while working up some cows.  He has had to have surgery up at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and is then planning on going to his sisters and thankfully both of them are nurses.  We send both of these men our earnest get-well thoughts and prayers as they recuperate.  They have a long road ahead of them.  Bruce came home from town on Friday and said he saw Aubrey Moon at the barbershop, where he was doing quite well considering all he has been through.  Aubrey is doing better, but his wife, Thelma, had to spend some days at the hospital in Athens last week.  She is now home but she needs our utmost and sincere prayers for some health issues she is dealing with.   Dean Strange is doing well and continuing with his rehab.  Allie Nash is making good progress with her physical and speech therapy.  A lot to be thankful for!

We also need to remember Alex Trice as he left for Paris Island  Marine Boot Camp  last Sunday.  We all wish him the best and we need to keep him in our prayers also as he begins a new chapter in his life.

The Trinity Baptist Church family will have their annual church-wide Thanksgiving get together this Tuesday night, Nov. 28. Bethany Baptist Church is looking forward to having their children’s Christmas program during the morning service on December 8 with their church-wide Christmas luncheon to follow in the fellowship hall.  The children are busy practicing their parts.

Bobby and Emily Brewer opened their home for their families’ Thanksgiving dinner on this past Sunday.  Gary, Ken, and Jim with all of their families along with Joan and Raymond Gilbert all enjoyed gathering together for some good food and  family visiting.

William and Gloria Crew also hosted the Crew and Bone family Thanksgiving dinner at their home on Sunday where they, too, enjoyed all the good dinner fixings.  Gloria’s sister, Gina and her son, Eli, were also able to attend.

Rhonda Crew works down at the new hospital in Greensboro and is looking forward to them opening the new facility to the public on this Monday, Nov. 25th.

We want to congratulate Josh Stephens as he has been named President of the Board of Directors for the Mountain Top Boys Home.  His Sunday School class at Peachtree Road Baptist Church has done much work and volunteering for this boys home.

Chuck and Janice Phillipi had their family Thanksgiving Saturday.  Jonathan, Jenna, and Cooper Philippi along with Jason, Rebekah, and Grayson Kilpatrick all enjoyed being together for some good food and family time.

The Fairview Club met this past Wednesday at the lovely home of Joan Gilbert on Pierce Dairy Road for their annual meeting.

Denny Ewing put on the program for us and did an excellent presentation on flower arranging.  She is very talented and did an excellent job of showing us how to create an arrangement; sometimes, just out of greenery out of our yards and using what you have as far as containers to put them in by doing a few tricks of the trade.  It was a very entertaining and informative program,  We really appreciated her coming!  Afterwards, Joan had fixed delicious refreshments for us all to enjoy.  We are all looking forward to our Christmas luncheon which will be held on Wed., Dec. 18th at 12 noon at the home of Pat Stinchcomb on the Eatonton Hwy.

Dorothy Ann Digby of Atlanta visited in Madison last Wednesday and she and Sandra Brown came on to the club meeting where we all enjoyed visiting together.   The Jim Porter’s of Russellville, Tenn. are spending this Thanksgiving week with Dan and Sally Porter and other Porter relatives.  They spent the weekend in Greenville, SC., where the children participated in soccer play-off games.  They along with other Ainslie relatives are planning on having their Thanksgiving at the home of Mary Jo and Ron Prescott in Jefferson on Thursday.

Jack and Max Leo are spending a few of their Thanksgiving holidays with their grandparents Tommy and Raynor Cathey this week. The Cathey family enjoyed getting together Sunday with Jeannette Cathey at her lovely new home in Cedar Lakes.

All the Bruce relatives in this area attended an 80th birthday celebration for Billie Ruth Sellers Sunday over at New Hope Baptist Church in Greshamville. We all want to be included in wishing Billie Ruth a very Happy Birthday. She was married to Dorothy Bruce’s brother, Tew Sellers. Sally and John Hensley had as their guests this past weekend Alan and Tiffany Burton from Jasper. The Burtons went to Centennial Baptist Church when they lived here. The Hensleys and the Burtons all attended their Sunday School class get-together on Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon Chad, Holly and Hayden Roling entertained Henry Roling for his third birthday. His grandparents Sally and John Hensley along with other relative and friends were on hand to wish him a very Happy Birthday. “Happy Birthday Henry!”

We also want to congratulate Rose Powell as she has made the junior rifle team at her school in Italy! She is very, very excited to have made it and is anxious to begin practicing. Congratultions Rose! Good job! I have also just heard that Louis Mize of the Bethany community has passed way. We offer our deepest sympathy to his family. I will write more next week about this. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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