MCHS holds anti-bullying week of events

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By Leila Dycus, Staff Writer

Leila Dycus Staff Writer This past week the Anti-Bullying Organization at MCHS sponsored a week of activities for students to bring awareness to the issue of bullying. Last week students at MCHS participated in activities that revolve around keeping bullying out of Morgan County schools.

The clubs student leaders have been working alongside of their advisors to plan the event. Students participated in a special activity each day of the week. “I am looking for the very best out of each and every day,” said president of the Anti-Bullying Club Justin Armistead.

“I hope it brings joy to the people of MCHS.” On Monday Nov. 18 students wore red in support of anti-bullying week. Red is a color that the student leaders said symbolizes awareness. The hope is that while wearing red the students will have the issue of bullying on their mind.

The anti-bullying organization leaders have joined with MCHS literature teachers to inspire Tuesday’s event. On Tuesday Nov. 19 students were asked to write about bullying in their literature class.

On Wednesday Nov. 20 students watched The Bully Effect during their enrichment period. The Bully Effect is a documentary by Anderson Cooper that is used to teach students about the dangers of bullying. It features real life stories of people affected by bullying.

Thursday was Wear Purple Day. Purple is the color of hope. The student leaders hoped that wearing purple would again turn students minds to the issue of bullying. However, this day’s color will be focused on the hope that comes from not bullying others. Thursday included a PowerPoint presentation put together by the MCHS Anti-Bullying Organization.

The slides and presentation were designed to bring awareness to the issue and encourage students to not bully others. In an effort to reach more students, the MCHS second education class was able to visit the Primary school during Anti-Bullying week. On their visit, students were able to read books to the children. Friday was Pledge Day.

It’s was celebration of the week’s events and the awareness brought to the issue of bullying. The pledge is part of a campaign to keep bullying out of schools. Pledges will be hung on the walls of MCHS showing the schools support to end bullying. President of the Anti-Bullying Organization Justin Armistead said that he could not have planned the week without the other leaders and advisors. According to Armistead, the week went very well.

Justin said that he loved the activities and things that went on during the week. Armistead went on to say that planning the event has brought him and the other leaders and advisors much joy. A passion that springs from personal experience has lead these leaders to work to end bullying in Morgan County. The club is now turning its focus to building another Anti-Bullying week that will be held in January.

During its second Anti-Bullying week the student organization hopes to branch out to the Primary and Middle School to teach more students about the issue of bullying. For more information about the MCHS Anti-Bullying Organization you can visit their Facebook page.

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