MCMS Dogs pull out wins against West Jackson

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By Leila Dycus, intern

The MCMS Basketball teams took on West Jackson this week in their most intense games of the season thus far.

Both the girls and the boys’ teams rallied together to pull out back-to-back wins against West Jackson on Tues Nov. 19. The girls were first to take the court. “Out defense was much improved,” said Coach Brian Cousins.

“We focused on blocking out and our full court press.” Coach Cousins went on to say that he was pleased with the improvements that they showed.

The stands were packed Tuesday night with fans from both Morgan County and West Jackson. With the Lady Bulldogs leading by nine points in the third quarter, they were determined not to let the Panthers catch up. The girls showed their intensity through out the game, focusing hard on pulling out the win.

With a score of 20 to 11 at the end of the third, MCMS went into the forth quarter with a strong lead. The girls would go on to score six more points, only allowing West Jackson four more points.

The MCMS girls team beat the Lady Panthers 26 to 15 Tuesday. According to Coach Cousins the girls still have some work to do on their half court offense and shooting shots near the basket. A lot of the missed points for the Lady Bulldogs were in lay ups and put backs.

The teams have added a preseason game against Athens Academy to their schedule. Coach Cousins says that this will allow the girls to continue to see what takes place in games, giving them more experience as a team.

With the season fast approaching, Coach Cousins says that fans can expect to see a great group of girls that continue to improve with every practice and game. The preseason games have shown that they will work hard and take direction well. “We may not win every game, but it won’t be because of lack of effort,” said Cousins.

The boys took on West Jackson in an incredibly close game. The MCMS boys came out strong in the first quarter. The boys’ three point shots proved to be on point. By the end of the first quarter the Bulldogs lead the Panthers 10 to 4. According to Coach Milfred Franklin, the boy rallied around each other because of advertises they had to go through.

The second quarter proved to be much like the first with the boys continuing to lead the Panthers at the half with a score of 17 to 8. However, in the third West Jackson seemed to be trying to pull a comeback. The two teams went back and forth fighting for the lead; this got the fans engaged and cheering. At the end of the third MCMS lead 24 to 17.

The Panthers dug in hard but MCMS wanted it more, keeping the gap between them at 30 to 28. With the clock running low on time, the teams went back and forth fouling each other several times. At the times the score was only separated by one point.

The crowd went wild, chanting, “Lets go Morgan, lets go,” in and effort to distract West Jackson during their foul shots. However, the West Jackson fans persisted cheering at their team as well. In the end it was MCMS that pulled out the win, 35 to 34. According to Coach Franklin, the boys need to work on their defensive communication.

However, he feels that communication will come with time and understanding of each other. Coach Franklin said that fans could expect some up-tempo and tough physical defense out of his team in the coming season. The West Jackson game brings the team on step closer to their regular season. “Out composure in tight game situations in on the right track,” said Franklin.

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