Morgan Commission recommends conditional use permit for tennis lights

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By Leila Dycus Staff Writer

The Morgan County Planning Commission met this past week for its regular meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. on Nov. 21. The minutes from the Oct. 18 work session and Oct. 24 regular meeting were accepted. Chair Brian Lehman spoke about the commissions training session from a few weeks back.

Lehman outlined how meetings were supposed to run, including procedures when bringing new business before the commission and how the public would address the board.

There was no unfinished business so the meeting then transitioned into the new business. On the agenda, Ben Windham was seeking a conditional use permit to allow residential tennis court lighting.

Brice Jack presented the item to the board. The tennis court located at 503 North Main Street was the property up for discussion. An image of property and location of the tennis court was shown. According to Jack, their had been no comment from the public about the tennis court lighting.

The court is a fair amount of distance from surrounding homes.

Ben Windham then came before the board to speak about the tennis court. The board demonstrated concern about the height of the light poles and the fact that the poles haven’t been electrically inspected. The light poles must be no more than 20 feet tall to be in agreement with the text amendment.

According to Windham, if the poles measure more than 20 feet then he will be starting over at square one. Windham went on to say that he was not afraid to go before the mayor and council and that his client was not intentionally foregoing a permit. The board agreed that the lights needed to be inspected by the county.

A motion was made to approve the conditional use permit for the tennis court lighting if the lights meet height and electrical requirements demonstrated in the text amendment. There were no other items listed on the agenda causing the meeting to be called to a close.

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