Never cut off your enemies’ ability to hear God

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist

Greetings from The Springs! The first thing that I want to share with you is the “pre-sermon” that Pastor T began with on Sunday. We took a quick look at Genesis 22:5, “And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship.”

Pastor Terrell stated that everybody can’t go with you when you go to your “yonder worship.” Sometimes you just need to get away and not be hindered by others in your worship. If this sounds odd to you then the next sentence applies. If you don’t understand my praise it’s because you don’t understand my days! It’ll hit you later!

Wednesday’s Bible Study was a continuation of the series, “The Power of Agreement.” We looked at how the power of agreement pertains to restoration, love and compassion. We are still using Matthew 18 in its entirety for our study text, so review it your self and join us this week.

Dr. Christian Ike and Emilia Aghono, who manage the Rutledge Pharmacy and the Social Circle Pharmacy, both addressed the church on Sunday giving us tons of information on the pharmacies and on our health, too. Dr. Christian Ike stated that there was a need for a pharmacy in Rutledge and the Lord was the one to send him to this area.

The city has been very supportive and he knows that God will help them to succeed. He has worked for the big name groups such as CVS and Wal-greens along with working in a hospital pharmacy, also. He said that the only difference with using the locally owned pharmacies is the great personal attention that you will get.

Along with their personalized customer service are all the same conveniences such as providing $4.00 prescriptions, accepting Medicare and Medicaid, accepting most insurances and Workers Comp and free delivery. You can’t beat that! Ms. Aghono informed us that November 14th was National Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Day. She said that we need to, at the very least, get our blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked yearly.

It is not that having diabetes is so bad, but not managing the condition is the problem. She told us that making life-style changes with regular exercising, eating right, taking medications (if needed) and praying to God works!  She especially thanked Pastor and Sister Terrell for allowing them to come to the church. Immediately following service, they gave free blood pressure and blood sugar checks to all that desired.

What a blessing to have them in our community! Sunday’s sermon really gave meaning to the fact that a person should seek to find himself in the Word. We are to examine each message delivered to see what the Lord is saying to us and not just think that it is fashioned for the person sitting next to us.

Pastor Terrell began the morning stating that he has learned from all situations including the good and the bad. Think of how many times we have learned from bad examples? One of the best examples to show us how to learn from a bad example is the disciple, Peter, since he was very much like many of us, hot-headed. In St. Luke 22:45-51, God took the wrong that Peter did and corrected it and ended up making Peter one of His greatest preachers.

Pastor Terrell said that Peter was not really asleep but had the spirit of fatigue on him. This is proven with the fact that further on in this chapter, Peter is up all night following after Jesus. If he was really sleepy, he would not have been able to stay up all night. God knew that the spirit of fatigue was on Peter and that is why He was getting that spirit off of him in verse 46 when Jesus told him, “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray, lest you enter into temptation.” However, the very thing that Jesus wanted Peter to avoid, he did. Shortly after this, when the authorities came to arrest Jesus, Peter cut the ear off of one of them. (Remember I told you earlier that he was hot-headed). But Jesus corrected Peter’s wrong and restored the man.

The point is that, if our enemies could continue hearing a word from God through us, they could get saved. Peter’s words and actions were very sharp. He said what he meant and meant what he said, cut and dry.

The only God some people around you, including your enemies, will hear is what you speak. Yet, we are often like Peter and our ways are so sharp that they will not lead them to Christ. You are the only Jesus that they will see. When our actions cut them off, then we cut off their ability to hear from God. Jesus knew that faith came from by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, so Jesus knew that he needed to heal the man’s ear.

God was showing us how to mend some things. Keeping this in mind, the Bible tells us to love our enemies, but how can you love an enemy that the Lord doesn’t allow you to have? Hmmm.  Reverend Terrell ended the message for the morning by giving us the “Five P’s of Prayer”. 1. Position- There are two positions to pray in, on your knees and down on your face when you are by yourself. (Verse 45) 2. Purpose- The goal is for us not to enter into temptation. (Verse 46) 3. Patience – We must be patient in prayer. Jesus was three years patient in prayer.

He knew that Judas was a betrayer and He didn’t run him off. Let the betrayers hang themselves. (Verses 47, 48) 4. Persistent- You have to believe that God is going to do it for you. We have to keep on praying, fasting and serving even when you feel defeated. (Verse 49) 5. Prepared- Be equipped. When you spend time with God, He will let you see around the bend! (Verse 50) Because Peter was unprepared, he woke up and did the wrong thing.

He got ahead of God by striking out against the man. This is one of the lessons we learn by a wrong example.  The Lord will prepare you in prayer, so don’t stop. Don’t get off the wall. When it doesn’t seem like your breakthrough is coming, or when you have been praying of that child, hold on to the first three words in verse 51, “And Jesus answered…” You need to keep praying and examine yourselves so that you never cut off your enemies’ ability to hear from God! Glory Be To God!

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