Obituaries: Joseph Frank Lawson

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Joseph Frank Lawson, Jr., 82, and his wife, Margaret Elizabeth (Seidel) Lawson, 86, died at their home in Shady Dale, Nov. 19, 2013. They were married 66 years and together instilled in their chidren the values of hard work, honesty and faith in the true God Jehovah.

Mrs. Lawson was a devoted wife and mother and an ideal sister to Eugene M. Seidel of Portland, Or.

Survivors include their children, David Frank Lawson of Mansfield, Deborah Lawson Kersey of Oxford, Timothy Richard Lawson of Newnan, Joe Frank Lawson III of Shady Dale; grandchildren, Raymond Loran Kersey III, Raylene Elizabeth Kersey, Rathan Lee Kersey, Makisha Lawson Gann, Timothy Joshua Lawson, Richard Noah Lawson, Hunter Avery Lawson, Matthew Frand Lawson, Cristopher Qualls, Joshua Qualls, Candice Qualls, Carolyn Paulous; great-granddaughter, Taylor Gann.

A memorial service for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lawson will be held at a later date.

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