Council bids Dobbs farewell

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By Leila Dycus, Staff Writer

At last Monday’s monthly Bostwick City Council meeting veteran council member Troy Dobbs attended his last official meeting.

Dobbs has served on the council for many years and will be replaced by Lee Nunn. Nunn was also in attendance at the meeting.

The council will hold an event in January to celebrate Dobbs’ commitment to service. “I don’t know what I would have done with out you,” said Mayor John Bostwick. Dobbs has served as a valuable piece of the Bostwick City Council.

Dobbs spoke about how he’s enjoyed these years. “Well I’ve enjoyed my time,” said Dobbs. “I could write a pretty good book on this town.” The meeting went on to discuss various items. First, was an update on the transportation grant. The mayor went on to say that the completion date has not changed and that it will go out for bid in February or March.

Council Member Angie Howard brought up gazebo renovations and asked to have a plan of action on what they are going to do about fixing the gazebo. The council also discussed renovation work at the Susie Agnes Hotel. Work has been done on the upstairs of the hotel including fixing the doors and the roof.

The mayor said that they are waiting on the numbers from the Cotton Gin Festival before doing any more work. The mayor is also waiting on a quote for a HVAC system. The council also received an update on the flashing speed limit sign. The sign has been programed but has not yet been put in place on Apalachee Road.

If the sign does not work well enough then the council will discuss putting in speed bumps. The discussion about speed bumps lead to an expressed need that current speed bumps be repainted making them more visible for divers. Like many other cities in Morgan County, Bostwick is getting ready for Christmas.

The town’s Christmas lights are being hung on December 3. Bostwick will unveil a couple of new sets of lights this year. The leaves are scheduled to be removed from the ditches in town the week before Christmas. The meeting came to a close with the acknowledgement of Dobbs service to the city.

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