Grandma’s Home Made Ornaments made a disaster instead

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachael Harper, Columnist

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to get together with your families.  All of our brood along with Mama and Daddy all gathered here on Thanksgiving Day and enjoyed being together and eating too much!  I was the only sibling that stayed put this year!

As you know, Tim is living in Brussels now with his family, although they are due to come home in two weeks; Bertie and Leon went to Moultrie to be with Leon’s folks and we are sad to say, neither of them is in very good health; and Marty and Connie just got back this Sunday night from a 10 day stay in Europe where they went with their son, Zach and his wife, Alex of Statesboro, along with Alex’s parents, Bill and Beth Beyers of Macon.

They all traveled to Paris, Strasbourg, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland among many other places  where they enjoyed touring and seeing many beautiful sights.

The girls were out of school this past week and of course they came to Grandma’s!  I wanted to do something special with them, so I thought we could make some homemade Christmas ornaments.  A long time ago when I had children’s choir at church one of the children gave me a very pretty homemade ornament that I was told was made of cinnamon and applesauce.

I still have it; so I thought this would be great to make and they could keep it forever and put on their own trees when they grow up.  Now, I ask you, isn’t that a wonderful thing for a Grandma to do??!   I had a dream, as they say!!!  I looked up the recipe on the Internet and it said, to mix 2 cups of applesauce, 1/2 cup glue, and I think it was a cup of cinnamon.

Well, we measured and mixed and it was very squishy; but the recipe did say, if that happens, to add more cinnamon.  We did, but it was still squishy; there was no way you could roll that out and it would hold together.  So, I told them, it would just have to sit awhile and maybe it would thicken up.

We went on about our business and then that afternoon, it might have been a little bit thicker, but it was a far cry from being like dough you could roll and cut out.  The only thing I knew to do was to add some flour.

Well, it took a lot of flour and by that time, the dough looked like it had mildewed.  We did manage to get some rolled and cut out, but they were the absolute ugliest things you have ever seen!    You were to bake them at 200 degrees for 2 hours, so,  I followed through, but, trust me, no one would want them hanging on their Christmas tree!!  They smelled very good, but a total disaster!   My dream went  “POOF!”

That night when Bruce got in, I was on the couch, looking like something the cat had drug in and he asked about the ornaments.  I proceeded to tell him the horrid story.  He said, “Where did you get the recipe and what is in them?   I told him I found it on the internet and I proceeded to  rattle off, applesauce, glue, and cinnamon.

He shot me a look that was absolutely priceless and said, “Glue?!  Well, I have been going by the bowl and getting me a little bit all day!” I thought,” Lord have mercy, I have killed him!”  Well, I am glad to say he is still alive!  There is never a dull moment around here!!  The next day we sprayed glass Christmas balls and rolled them in glitter….much, much better!

We all extend our sympathy to the family of Louis Mize who passed away on last Sunday.  He was the son of Edgar and Ella Mize who lived in the Bethany community all their lives. He was a frequent visitor here where he enjoyed coming out to his farm.  His wife, Sarah, had passed away a few years ago.  He is survived by his daughter, Pam, of Lawrenceville.  Louis was 83 years old.  We send Pam our deepest sympathy at this time.

We also extend our sympathy to the family of Mr. Hollis Compton who passed away on last Wednesday after an extended illness.  He was 90 years old.  He lived in the lower Bethany community and was a respected businessman in this area.   A memorial service for Fern Worthington was held on Saturday afternoon in the chapel of Source of Light Ministries.  She had lived with her daughter, Marianne Rosenberger, at the Mission until her health declined and she was moved to a nursing home at Eatonton.  She attended services at Bethany Baptist and enjoyed her ladies Sunday School class while attending there.

All of the Rosenberger family and other family members from out of town were in Madison during the holidays for the service.  Tommy and Raynor Cathey enjoyed having all of their children home for the Thanksgiving holidays.  Mark Harris and his friend, Tina Anderson from Highlands, NC, Jennifer, Scott, and Jake Harris from Fort, Worth, Tex., Heather, Steve, Max, and Jack Leo from Grayson, Michelle Cathey from Roswell, and Jim Cathey from next door all enjoyed being together!

Jill and Gary Penn’s home on Bethany Church Road was the gathering place for their Harper family Thanksgiving on Thursday at noon.  Tom and Patrica Chafin from Virginia Beach, Vir., and their boys, Lee and children from Hartwell, and James from Elberton, Kendall and Louise Marett and their daughter, Deann and her family from Hartwell, John and Jane White and daughter from White Plains, Beth and Bobby Bishop and girls and Joan Harper from next door also all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving day meal as well as all the visiting.   Sally, Tony, and Alicia Stephens also opened their home for the Wade family Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Harriette Wade, Sandra and Jerry Brown, Josh Stephens of Atlanta, Brad and Shannon Davis of Social Circle, and Richie Davis along with his children and grandchildren of Monroe, all gathered round for a wonderful meal. Sally and Dan Porter enjoyed having Jim, Kathy, Michaela, James, and Katie Porter of Russellville, Tenn., spend Thanksgiving week with them.  Papa Dan mixed up a good old batch of Brunswick Stew for them all to learn to make and enjoy; Jim and the children all enjoyed deer hunting and even bagging a big one and then on Thursday they all traveled up to Jefferson, to have the Ainslie family Thanksgiving at Mary Jo and Ron Prescott’s home.

A very good time was had by all!  Brent, Stacy, and Layna Loudermelk of Aberdeen, NC. spent the weekend with Sarah Nell and Steve Craig on Porter Road.  On Saturday, Chuck and Janice Philippi joined all of them when they had their big family Thanksgiving.

Jimmy and Evelyn Bone along with their family all attended the Bone family Thanksgiving on Thursday at the home of Melvin and Linda Bone in Greensboro. Esther and Tim Curry traveled to Enterprise, Ala. on Thanksgiving Day to eat and visit with Tim’s sister, Tamra and her family, which they enjoyed.

John and Sally Hensley along with the Chad Roling’s all had Thanksgiving together up in Rutledge with Rebecca and Ryan Morgan and children.   Jason, Rebekah, and Grayson Kilpatrick  spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with Jason’s mother, Necia Silvers and her family.  Bethany Baptist will have their children’s Christmas program on this coming Sunday morning during the worship service and afterward the church will enjoy their church family Christmas luncheon in the fellowship hall.

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