I’m still a little girl where Christmas is concerned

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, columnist

What a beautiful week end, this first of December. Temperature just right to put us in the right spirit to begin the most beautiful time of the year. I’m still a little girl where Christmas is concerned. When I think of the very beginning and the baby Jesus coming into this world and what it all means, my heart fills with happiness and love.

Pray, as we begin this holy time of the year each of you will ponder in your hearts and cherish the true meaning of Christmas. We DID receive the greatest gift of all.  Our services were good on Sunday but with so many out on family visits and some serious illnesses.

We have our beautiful tree up and decorated,  thank you Kim Johnson. I will play catch up, as I did not write last week. Butch’s sermon was taken from Judges 6:11-16, “A Cowardly Lion”…..even thought we may feel unfit at times we can be used to be mighty wonders when we work for the Lord. Sunday night  Scripture was taken from Romans 12:1 about using our talents for Him. Are we using ours in the right way.

Each of us has a talent given to us,  we need to find it and use it. First of all, let’s remember those that are seriously ill. Please remember Marion Beacham,  Patsy Greene, and others,  O.L. Jordan, Judy Cottrell,  Charles Johnson,  Sandy Keheley, Jessie and Lou Comans,  Walker family,  theGarrison family,  oh so many are suffering now.

Also, our Military, our Nation, and it’s leaders. On Sunday Butch brought the beautiful story in the book of Ruth 2: 1-3 how the hand of God worked in her favor. Sunday night we had an invite, “does anyone want to testify?” Before we knew it most everyone in the congregation had testified with heart  touching testimonies.

It was truly enjoyed. We send our deepest sympathy to the family members,  especially Eleanor Johnson,  in the death of her nephew over the week end . William Thomas Garrison has been on our prayer list so many months,  now his suffering is over. Pray for each member of his family as he was laid to rest on Tuesday. Ramsey, Hiliary, Greg and Andy were in Jamesville,  North Carolina for a long Thanksgiving weekend with Ramsey’s family.

From what I hear they had a great time but missed Becky, as she was unable to go but she enjoyed  being with and helping Eleanor prepare their meal for only nine this year. Wonder how she managed to cook such a small meal when she is used to cooking  for an “Army”. Lou and Jessie enjoyed a meal prepared by the girls and also happy to have Tom’s mother visiting from Pennsylvania.

The Bell family, Ginny, Danny and others went over to Mobile, Alabama to see Caleb, had a good time, then Caleb and Sara came home for Thanksgiving.   Stephanie Martin,  her grandpa, Bud Malcom,  Lily, Noah and Shelby Smith  all enjoyed going to Tennessee to visit Barby Riffle at her farm. I hear they had a marvelous time  with Mr. Bud telling stories and eating good food.   Ruby Guinn had 11 familymembers to share her Thanksgiving table on Friday night.

They have a tradition where each one tells what they are thankful for. Good idea. Sometimes we forget what the season is all about.  Betty Walker had all her family with her on what must have been a sad occasion, missing her loved one. Shondia and Dawn prepared the meal. Thank you girls, for this gesture of love for your mother and family.

Sue Crowley with son Glen ate with her daughter and husband on Thursday, then over the week end Sue’s house was full of family as her son and granddaughter and her boyfriend ate and spent time with her. She enjoyed her granddaughter spending the night but they sure missed the grandson who is in the military in California.   Harriette Foster enjoyed her family on Saturday before Thanksgiving,then on the actual day, she rested. My table was loaded on Thanksgiving,  even though we missed the North Carolina and Virginia kids. Gayle and Jimmy,  Susanne and Eric and Anna, we really missed Bailey.

James and I enjoyed  our traditional meal. Jill’s family, scattered as they are, all gather at the West Virginia place for Thanksgiving. I hear that both Mark and Chuck  killed large deer with lots of things coming out of the antlers (whatever they are called). It’s a tradition that the girls spend the night with us on Thanksgiving night,  this time, only Gayle and can you believe that she and I braved the crowds and shopped my very first “Black Friday” ever????? We went after the morning crowds and it really wasn’t that bad. Enjoyed it and lunch at Sonny’s.

Joey and Tammy Waddell and Annslee enjoyed their trip to Aiken, South Carolina to visit Tammy’s folks. The rest of the family sat down at Alice’s table…I’m sure there are so many others that didn’t notify me of their blessings and I’m sure they all had a “full to capacity”  stomachs by the end of the day. Such blessings we all did receive. Butch, Cindy, Cayla and Jared Jackson along with Randy and Linda Jackson from North Carolina  recently enjoyed the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta…Me?  I’d rather see Kenny and Dolly in concert.

I’m glad to report that Rachael Moore is finally out of the hospital and home in Pennsylvania after six or seven weeks due to the bad wreck in the Augusta area……also I send to Rachael belated birthday wishes as she turned “sweet 16” on November 29th.  This coming Saturday the 7th our Youth will sell Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as a fundraiser. If you’d like to reserve a box, please contact me or some other member to make sure you get yours….and it’s for a good reason.

Our much planned Christmas play will be held on December 15th. We had so much anticipated being in the new building by this time, but due to lack of funds we will be delayed again…..if ANYONE would like to donate to our Building Fund, it would be so appreciated,  plus you will receive a blessing. Belated birthday wishes for Taylor Ferguson on December 1st.  Happy birthday to Elizabeth Lawson on the 4th, Ryan Johnson the 11th, Tyler Ward and John Lawson on the 13th and Ashley Stewart on the 14th.  James and I will celebrate our anniversary of 57 years together on the 7th….along with Vicky and Jerry Vanwhy.   Eleanor and Charles Johnson will celebrate on the 15th.

Think on this all this month:  “Christmas is a time to mark our progress through this earthly journey.  Because of Christmas, this we know:   Christ was born for us.  He is love, and the plans He has for us always surpass our own.”   from Guideposts. So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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