Remember Angel Tree gifts deadline is Dec. 8

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Betty Moore, Columnist

There will be a movie at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on December 6 at 6:30p.m. There will be hot dogs and chips. The movie is “Unstoppable” with Kirk Cameron. It will be $6 or a donation. All of the proceeds go to the food bank to feed those who have need. Mark your calendar so that you will come one of the two nights. It is a great movie.

Bring someone with you. Gail Wade was thrilled that she got to see her granddaughter Leigh in her first college basketball game in Atlanta. Her college in Tennessee came there to play. Chuck and Miriam Foster had Barbara Tyson, Thomas and Leigh Ann Bell and their daughters, Turner Foster, Margaret Bell, George and Laura Lohr, Pam Hendrix and a friend for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Buckhead Baptist Church will have a hanging of the green on December 8 and December 15 they will have the cantata and on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. there will be communion. Jackie Messer had Thanksgiving dinner with Sylvia and Jim, Jay and Hunter Moon. John and Gail Wade went to Crawfordville to meet with Gail’s sisters, their families and other relatives for Thanksgiving. They had a great time.

Christie White had Thanksgiving with her grandmother Mrs. Parson at Athens and her mother Frieda White. Earl Smith was in the hospital recently at Griffin with pneumonia. He was in serious condition but he is better and is back now at the nursing home where he lives. Oscar and Marie Hendrix had Thanksgiving with Vickie and Clive in Putnam County. Marie had eye surgery and is doing fairly well. I’m glad.

I hope your eyes do better Marie. There are several birthdays; Leslie Brandt and Emily Brown had birthdays on December 4. Happy birthday to you two! Brandi Godby has one on December 6. Happy birthday to you! There are other birthdays; Linda Lanham and Barbara Wofford had birthdays on December 3 at Lake Oconee Baptist. On December 7 Vern Wofford has a birthday. Happy birthday to you! Gail and Barry Bishop have an anniversary on December 7.

I hope that it will be a happy anniversary for you all! The Angel Tree gifts for children and Oconee House need to be brought on December 8 to church. They will be dedicated on Dec. 15 at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. The ladies meet on December 7 at1 p.m. in the home of Delores Walker. Bring finger food. The brotherhood meeting will be December 10 at 6:30 p.m. There will be great fellowship, devotion and food. Watch for your times of wrestling.

You will want to come to help support the fire station. One dollar of each ticket goes to the fire station. Start out the upcoming New Year by supporting the fire station in such a way as this. Dennis and Julie Godbee went out of town last week on business. For Thanksgiving they were with family at Hiawassee.

Then there are holidays I always think of family. I am the baby in my family of 12 children. There was eight years difference in the age of the sister next to me. There were two brothers in between. That left me to play with the two brothers. And it so happens that there is only one brother left in the whole family, along with me. Everyone else has died. But when I was young I could hear my sisters laughing and having so much fun together.

Sometimes they would double date together. They devised some sort of language, “pig” language; I think they called it to keep me from knowing what they were talking about. I kept listening until one day I did catch on to what they were saying. They weren’t so happy about that.

At one point two of the sisters worked together at a job. They became close. They laughed so much that they thought when they were both going at the same time to have their tonsils taken out, that they might hurt their throats if they laughed following the surgery. The son of one was to have his out too. The sisters did not want to face each other in the bed. They came back into the room almost crying because their throats hurt.

They each saw nothing funny. The youth came back sleeping peacefully. They came home. The two sisters still saw nothing funny. They ate very little soft food at lunch. The child went out to the apple tree and came back with an apple that he was eating. His mother was concerned because she couldn’t eat. His remark was, “well they told me to eat what I wanted.” The apple did not hurt him. These two sisters always had a lot to laugh about but following this surgery there certainly was not one thing that was funny to them. But later they laughed about this happening.

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