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Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

By Nick Nunn, Sports Columnist

Apparently, someone decided that this past weekend was to be set aside for close games and upsets. I’ve written columns before about how much I love close games, but, unfortunately, I had to miss most of the Saturday games because Mother Nature decided that the perfect Thanksgiving gift for me would be an overwhelming head cold.

Unwilling to deal with the symptoms of the disease that plagued me, I medicated myself and slept for the better part of the day. Of course, that decision meant that, since then, I’ve had to endure the shocked looks on people’s faces when I tell them that I missed the games. Oh well. I did get to have a good laugh thanks to one of the games this week, though.

Late Friday night, Alayna, my girlfriend, received a call from her mother, who was watching a replay of the Oregon vs. Oregon State game, which had been played at 4 p.m. their time.

Her mother had not seen the final score of the game but called Alayna jubilantly to let her know that Oregon State was beating Oregon in the third quarter of the game. I cocked my head to the side trying to remember the difference in the teams’ rankings, and, since holding my computer in my lap, I searched for information on the internet.

Of course, the first thing that I saw when I searched “Oregon vs. Oregon State” was the final score of the game – Oregon State had ended up losing by a single point.

Naturally, I burst out laughing at the dramatic irony of her mother’s excitement, but Alayna told me quickly with only a look that I had better not say a word until she got off the phone. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Anyway, even if I did miss some of the college football excitement this past weekend, I’ve been getting my dose of close games from the Morgan County varsity Hoop Dogs over the past week.

The boys’ and the girls’ varsity basketball teams have each had a chance to push games into overtime since the season officially began with the games against Buford on Tuesday, Nov. 26. After taking on such high-caliber competition during the last week, the Hoop Dogs will begin their region schedule this Friday in Elbert County.

The Elbert County Blue Devils were the only region competitor that were able to top the Dogs last season, with a 68-64 victory late in the year. The thrill of competition should ride high all season for Morgan County athletics. Each winter sports team seems poised for a banner year, which is great for the programs and great for Morgan County sports fans, who’ll be right in on the action all season long.

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