A Blessing in Disguise within a Thunderstorm

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward, Columnist

Attendance Sunday morning was good; glad to see members back that had been out for a while. We still have some out due to various reasons. We always have visitors and we look forward to seeing them. They really are a blessing to us and we pray our service is a blessing to them and they will continue to come worship with us.

Special music was by James Butler, “My eyes have seen your salvation.” The choir’s special was, “Carol Sing.” Bro. Ron’s message, “Divine Love, “John 1: 14-18.

God is divine love, God expressed love by his incarnation, and before creation God was there. Jesus existed in OT because He is God, He became flesh, came to live with us.

John the Baptist declared Him said He was the one that came after me and he was higher than me. John was a forerunner of Jesus, when saved we have received fullness and grace to abound through Him.

We can’t work for His righteousness, we have to believe. Jesus came to fulfill the law; through Him grace and truth were realized with mercy being full of compassion.

No man has seen God at anytime, Moses wanted to see His glory. God told him no man can see me and live. Jesus was in the bosom of the Father, close to His heart, Jesus was precious to God.

Today as His children we’re in His bosom because we’re special to Him. Jesus’ life lights up the hearts of sinful man, Jesus’ love forms the greatest miracle when saving souls. Sunday night at 6 p.m. good attendance was present for our Christmas musical, “Glorious Joy,” presented by the choir, they all did a great job and the music was very meaningful for this Christmas season. Afterwards food, fun and fellowship were held in the Family Life Center.

A few months back I wrote about our church getting struck by lightning early one Sunday morning damaging the ceiling in the sanctuary and the sound system. We are thankful to say the ceiling has been completely replaced, all new; the people did an outstanding job. It really makes the church look bigger.

The sound system is a lot better also. We have so much to be thankful for that the damage could be repaired. The church is beautifully decorated for Christmas. We say thanks to Peggy Harper and her family for doing this wonderful job. Brownwood will have our annual Christmas Eve / Communication service Tuesday Dec. 24 at 4p.m.

This Saturday, Dec.14 our Women’s Ministry Group will meet at Brownwood Community Building at 10 a.m. We will have our Christmas Ornament exchange and program, worship time and fellowship. Bring your favorite brunch or munch food. Sunday morning, Dec.29 The Lord’s Supper will be observed during morning worship at Brownwood.

December 29 the fifth Sunday Night singing will be held at Brownwood at 6 p.m. Jerry Studdard, Chris Reed, Matt Pusateri, Sam Harrison and Boley Harrison visited Ann Harrison during the week recently. Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Ann Harrison enjoyed supper with Kenny and Yvonne Harper and family.

Margie Ward was among many to visit wit the family and friends of Tommy Garrison Tuesday afternoon at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Our sympathy continues to go out to his family at this time. David and Patricia Woodruff, Kathy Hensley and Ann Harrison enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner together at Cracker Barrel in Madison.

Julie and Billy Phillips and Margie Ward visited Doyle and Laynette Wood in Athens recently. Please pray for Doyle as he is having many health problems at this time. Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Wood had dinner on Sunday with Margie Ward.

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