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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, Columnist

What a beautiful week end, this first of December……temperature just right to put us in the right spirit  Last week I began my column on a beautiful day…and today, Monday,  could it be any more depressing as to not see a ray of sunshine, just fog…… what a big difference.

Butch brought a beautiful message from Jeremiah 2, on Sunday night he took his message from  Lamentations 2…..of which this was a two part message.  We have had so much sorrow and sickness in our little congregation this last 2-3 weeks, even now with a dear member in the hospital.

Having said that, our attendance was off on Sunday.   Several out of town, sick,  in mourning.   At this writing Charles Johnson is still in the hospital.  Patsy Greene had a rough week,  Lou and Jessie Comans needs our daily prayers as does O.L. Jordan,  Betty Walker and her loved ones.

Judy Cottrell, oh so many of our church family. Please lift them up as you pray.     We were so saddened last week when Marion Beacham left us after such a brave battle with cancer and he fought all the way.

We send our love and deepest sympathy to Mary and his family at this sad time.  I feel led to mention others outside of my church family that need prayer: Alfred and Maudie Buice in Monticello. Alfred suffers from lung cancer.

A long time school friend’s son, Dearl Couch and his parents,  Betty Ann and Jim. Dearl is only 48 years old and has cancer; they live in Jacksonville.   Please lift up Carolyn and Mark Gaylor, my cousins in Auburn. So much love has been shared with just these three families.

The beautiful poinsettia was placed by Eleanor Johnson. Thanks to this dear lady, we always have beautiful arrangement whether it be live from her flower garden or whatever. We appreciate you.  Our In-Church Christmas card box is up front. We do this every year to save on postage for our congregation.

I told you last week that Ramsey Simmons and his kids spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with his parents and family. While there Ramsey and his brother Rufus went to Raleigh for a North Carolina State game, then they journeyed down to Charlotte to watch the Panthers.

I’m so glad he was able to spend this time with his family and that he had such an enjoyable time.  I had a phone call from Theresa Moore today. Please remember Rachael as she goes back to Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania on Tuesday for surgery on her two arms.

The rod in her right arm seems to be working its way toward her elbow and is infected. They will remove that rod but will leave the bar in herarm.

She will have surgery on her left arm to try to fix the elbow socket that keeps coming out, so I think this little girl will go home with both arms in casts and that brings memories back to me of when I had both of mine broken and in casts. By the way,  they still hurt like crazy at times, but good news, she did get the neck brace off.

Please place her, Rachael Moore, age 16, on your prayer listings.  If you do not have a church home, you are so welcome to visit with us on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  We have classes and programs for all ages of children.  And again I remind you of our Christmas Program this coming up Sunday night at 6p.m. I understand there will be a long practice on Saturday. I hope you will plan to attend and receive this blessing from the times of our Lord’s birth.

Morris and Greg Stancil will be with Clarke Kesler this Thursday night at the Maysville Methodist Church.  This is the new “Chicken House”  place. It starts around 6p.m.  I’m beginning to get real excited! The week end of the 20th-21st-22nd-23rd will be our family Christmas time.

I am so anxious to see my Virginia, North Carolina plus my Georgia family. I really love this time together.  I pray that where or when ever you have family time together you will celebrate with love and joy and remember why we celebrate. It’s not just about the food and gifts, it’s much more than that.

It’s  the celebration that was born and then died so that we can have everlasting life. Happy birthday to Tyler Ward and John Lawson on the 13th,  Ashley Stewart the 14th.    Blessings for Charles and Eleanor Johnson as they celebrate an anniversary on the 15th. Friendship is God loving us through someone else.  So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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