Christmas Memories of homemade snow on the tree

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore, Columnist

Congratulations to Dennis and Julie Godbee on their 25th wedding anniversary on December 10. They plan to celebrate and then watch the nine-year-old grandson in a Christmas play at Monroe.

I was told that the Buckhead Baptist Church is so beautifully decorated that if anyone can come to the activities and see the church it would be worth your time. You would receive a blessing.

The cantata on December 15 is “A Bethlehem Morning.” On Christmas Eve there will be a candlelight, communion service at 6 p.m. Make your plans to attend. One of our ladies goes to Beacon Heights. She said that they will have a program at 6 p.m. on December 15.

Gail Wade went to Piedmont College at Demorest with her daughter Leigh and her sister Susan. She spent the night with Susan. Greg Alliston and Garrett Alliston went to a turkey shoot at Eatonton. Guess what?

Eleven-year-old Garrett got the prize! He got the turkey. He was shooting a 16-guage gun. His dad did okay too. He got a ham. He was shooting a 12-guage. So now their meat is taken care of for Christmas dinner. Congratulations to you, both! December 10 little Sarah Doran was really sick recently.

She was in the hospital for a few days. She is recuperating nicely now from her upper respiratory sickness. Even when she has to have medications since she came home she is so good and does not cry. She is so sweet. I know that Scott and Jennifer and the family really enjoy her so much.

Scott and Jennifer and Steve and Jo Ann Bryant went to Hilton Head. When they got back they went out on Saturday to eat to celebrate. There are several birthdays. Robin Griffith has a birthday on December 11; Lucy Smith December12; Bobby Smith on the 16; Ian Brandt on the 14; Brooklyn on the 15 and Sonya Mullins on the 18.

I hope that each of you have a happy birthday and a blessed, blessed Christmas with Christ in it. Jo Ann Roberts has moved to Florida. Her friends hated to see her go Ron and Linda Smith have an anniversary on December 12. Congratulations to you! Miles and Martha Pike will be in concert on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 6 p.m. at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel.

They will also be in worship with us on December 29 at the worship hour. A covered dish lunch will follow Sunday worship services. There will be a dedication of the Christmas gifts on Sunday morning, Dec. 15 at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. There will be a Christmas musical Sunday morning, Dec. 22 at11 a.m. at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. It will be performed by the choir under the direction of Chip Slaughter.

The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is to go to missions. This is a very important offering that goes directly to the mission work and is not taken out for other causes. That is very important. There is quite a list of people on the prayer list that need prayer at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. We need to pray for them and for ourselves as well.

My husband and I have been on the sick list with colds his week. We are better. Teresa Wallace presented a program from a beautiful booklet that she gave out to everyone. The young people had a part in the program, I believe. She is doing well with the youth at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel. I’ve been reminded at this time of year of a Christmas tree that I decorated. It was quite different. I’m sure. I had a minimum amount of decorations.

There was some “glitter, a few balls that didn’t look too good. I got the idea that I would have just a small tree myself. At that time in life it was only mama and I at home. Daddy had passed away when I was younger. I was still very young. Anyway, I wanted to have snow on my tr4ee. I had seen a tree about three feet tall.

I got into mama’s box of Lux with a little water. I got the egg beater. We didn’t have an electric beater. I beat until there was white snow. I showed it to mama and a sister that came by. They told me that it would melt in the water. I had beaten it so much that it didn’t happen. Anyway I put it on the tree. It was pretty.

Naturally I had to make more until I almost used all of mama’s Lux detergent. But boy was my Christmas tree pretty! And there was nothing runny about it! The lamps got the suds to glitter and not to melt. I had balls, some glitter and whatever else I could find. I had gotten the tree and put it in a bucket of firm dirt. The bucket was wrapped in pretty paper. You see I had fun with my own Christmas tree and some gifts.

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