BeMent, students recognized for passing “Caleb’s Law” at board of education meeting

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Leila Dycus
Staff Writer

Teacher of the Year Amy BeMent and a 4H group’s presentation of a potential teen maze event were among the items on this week’s Board of Education Meeting agenda.
The Morgan County Board of Education (BOE) met on Dec. 9 at 6 p.m. Two special presentations were made, staff reports were given, an ELOST and transportation updates were given and action items were voted on.
Two special recognitions were made. The first was to recognize Amy BeMent who was awarded Morgan County’s Teacher of the Year. Principal of Morgan County High School, Dr. Malanowski, presented Mrs. BeMent.
“If you think application, think Amy Saylors BeMent,” said Malanowski.
Dr. Malanowski went on to describe the work that BeMent has done in her time at MCHS. BeMent is considered the mother of sophomore congress. She also worked with her students to get Caleb’s Law passed, which prohibits texting and driving in the state of Georgia. According to Dr. Malanowski, Mrs. BeMent and her students turned the senate’s decision around for the passing of Caleb’s Law.
Next, a group of Morgan County 4H students presented a project they are currently working on. The group wants to host a Teen Maze, which takes student through a current issue facing their age group.
Two years ago the Morgan County 4H was awarded a grant. Now the group wants to establish this event in Morgan County.
Three adults and four students presented the idea before the board. The students have had the chance to participate in teen mazes in other counties. There experience is helping them in building the event to meet the needs of the community. The teen mazes that the students participated on revolved around issues such as teenage pregnancies, texting and driving, drunk driving, and STDs.
Teen mazes are ways that students are faced with these stumbling blocks. They participate in a number of activities ranging from seeing car crash scenes, having to walk a line with glasses that make them see as if they are drunk, and writing their own eulogy.
According to the group, the event takes the whole community to do. The hope is that the event will focus on ninth graders. The 4H group hopes to host the event towards the end of school year. The 4H group is partnering with Family Connections, which has been involved in teen mazes in other counties.
The event would feature a parent night where parents could experience the maze. Counselors will be present to discuss the issues brought up in the teen maze.
The event will also use nurses and other professionals to teach students about the risks of their actions. Students will think with out it being reality.

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