Law Enforcement: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On December 4 a burglary and criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Academy Lane, Rutledge, location. According to reports, a man stated that someone had entered a vacant house he owned and destroyed it, in part, by shooting holes in the walls and water heater with various gauges of shotgun. Reports state that every window except one was shot out, toilets were damaged and other severe damage had been done to the house.
On December 8 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road, Bishop location. According to reports, a woman stated that she received a call from 706 474 1730 from a woman who identified herself as an IRS agent and told the woman that the man whom she currently cares for was delinquent on his taxes. The woman said she received a second call from the same number and after she refused to cooperate she called the sheriff’s office. Reports state that if you call the number the line immediately goes to a prerecorded message without ringing and prompts you to leave a message.
On December 6  a trespassing complaint was filed at a Long Lane location. According to reports, a man stated that someone had been riding four wheelers on his property. A deputy spoke with a neighbor who acknowledged that his nephew had been riding in the area and said he would instruct the nephew to stay off the complainant’s property.
On December 6 Ryan Anthony Mangham, 37, Madison, was arrested and charged with battery and interference with government property. According to reports, deputies were called to a Pine Tree Circle residence after a woman alleged that she and another man had engaged in a fight with Mangham. The woman said she had left Mangham’s residence and returned with another man to retrieve belongings and all three began to fight. When officers arrived, they placed Mangham in the back seat of a patrol vehicle but, reports state, he kicked out the back window.
On December 3 Buford William McDaniel, 31, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine,  possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects. According to reports, deputies were called to Clack Road in reference to a suspicious person in a back yard. When they arrived, they located McDaniel near a wooded area. They also located a clear bag on his person containing suspected marijuana, a digital scale and rolling papers. In a white paper towel they located a glass pipe. McDaniel allegedly told the officers he was walking in his yard, “and was not doing anything.” He also allegedly told them he was “high” several times.
On December 2 a terroristic threats and acts complaint was filed at a Centennial Road location. According to reports, a woman stated that her husband’s daughter from a previous marriage and the daughter’s boyfriend had threatened her. The woman said the incident started when she refused to loan the daughter money. At that time, she said, the boyfriend called the husband and told him if he ever contacted his daughter again he would “(expletive) him up.” Another report alleged that the daughter, on Facebook, stated that if she ever saw her step-mother and father again they were going to have “an (expletive) whooping waiting).” She also allegedly said, on Facebook, that her boyfriend, who she referred to as her “little boy toy,” would “handle” the husband.
On December 2 a battery complaint was filed at the intersection of Fambrough Bridge Road and Hightower Road. According to reports, a man said after he had finished working on his truck he drove it down Fambrough Bridge Road. He said he was approached a man he knows as “Half” and that “Half” shattered the driver’s side window of the complainant’s vehicle and punched him in the face numerous times with a closed fist. The complainant said he had recently sold “Half” Loritab pills for “a couple of hundred dollars” and that “Half” had showed up earlier at the man’s house to retrieve either the money or the pills and that the man, at that time, had neither.

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