Planning commission approves cell phone tower

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By Nick Nunn
Staff Writer

The Morgan County Planning Commission recommended the approval of a conditional use permit for the construction of a self-supporting, 260-foot lattice telecommunication tower on Glades Road, located approximately one-third of a mile from Morgan County’s border with Putnam County.
The applicant for the conditional use permit, RETEL Services, indicated that the portion of the property, which is owned by Dave Clark, that will be used for the tower would be 100-foot by 100-foot and that the tower would stand approximately 300 feet from the property line and 345 feet from the right of way.
An 80-foot by 80-foot area around the freestanding tower will be enclosed by fencing, and a 10-foot wide cattle gate will be installed on Glades Road to create an access to the tower.
The tower itself will be 250 feet tall but will include a 10-foot tall lightning rod at its apex for a total height of 260 feet.
Planning Commission Chair Brian Lehman commented on the relatively small physical footprint of the tower, considering that it will provide service to an area of approximately one to two miles around the tower.
Chuck Jarrell, director of the Morgan County Planning and Development Department, stated that, currently, “this area is hit or miss as to whether you have phone service or not.”
Lannie Greene, representing RETEL Services at the meeting, stated that this tower is part of an intended “big build out” in the area and that there RETEL
Services plans on proposing locations for two additional towers in the near future. Greene did not indicate the locations for the other two prospective towers.
Although New Cingular Wireless, PCS LLC, will be the only carrier on the tower initially, Greene stated that there will be additional room for other carriers on the tower.
Because of the holiday season, the Planning Commission has moved the date of its December work session up to Friday, Dec. 13, at 8 a.m.
The December regular meeting of the Planning Commission will then take place on Dec. 19 at 7 p.m.

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