Bethany Fire Department taking orders for Christmas fruit

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachael Harper, Columnist

Well, our family from Brussels arrived on Saturday evening; they were glad to be here and all of us were overjoyed to see them!!  On Sunday, all the family gathered here at our house for Sunday lunch.  You have never seen so much visiting and talking and more visiting and more talking.

We heard talk of Euro’s, liter’s and kilometers and some other Belgium facts.  We learned  that they hardly ever have sales in stores over there.  They only have maybe three sales in a year; it is against the law to sell anything at a loss.

Hardly anyone has a gun over there; they have very, very strict gun laws.  Tim said if he had a gun he could kill a fox every day; foxes are everywhere–he sees at least one a day running through their yard.   Peyton, Kacey, and Raegan had the time of their lives; they played and played their hearts out; I am surprised if they were able to get up and go to school on this Monday.

I have since heard that Peyton is home sick with a stomach bug; I REALLY hated to hear that!  I hope he gets better soon.  Mama said that Tim, Cathy and Kacey  woke up at 5:30 this morning ready for breakfast; their time clocks are still getting adjusted!

Belgium is six hours ahead of us.  When asked what they missed most about America, Cathy piped up and said, “Mexican food!”  They don’t have that over there, but Kacey’s new favorite thing at breakfast is a chocolate croissant they get from a bakery close to them. She loves them!  They will really enjoy their time here, I know.  They are also planning on visiting friends in Atlanta and Roswell and going out to Cathey’s people in Louisiana while here.

It will be a busy time!  They will be here until around January 3rd.  We are glad to report that Janice Philippi was able to come home on Sunday afternoon after her surgery last week.  Thelma Moon is continuing to receive treatments but is doing well and Gil Businitz from the Source of Light Ministries has been having some rough days recently.

Keep all of these in your thoughts and prayers for continued healing.  Congratulations are in order for the Bonner family as little Kylie Elizabeth was born on this past Wednesday, December 11th to Anna Bonner and Kyle Vining.  She came into this world weighing a healthy 6 lbs. and 10 oz. and is a little doll. Mother and baby are doing well and everyone has fallen in love with her.

Nancy and Terry Mitchell entertained their Sunday School class from Centennial Baptist Church at their lovely home on Barrows Grove Road on this past Saturday night.  They had around 26 couples who attended and they all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner as well as much fun and fellowship among themselves. Sarah Nell and Steve Craig enjoyed having their grandchildren, Peyton, Elise, and Meri Kenny spend the weekend with them this past weekend.

Katja Sieger has also gotten here from Switzerland for a Christmas visit here with Scott and Madeline Porter.  The Godfrey Methodist Church hosted their sister church, Antioch Baptist Church at their annual Christmas breakfast on this past Sunday morning.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by everyone singing Christmas carols.

Antioch Baptist Church wants to invite everyone to their annual Christmas Eve candlelight service they will be holding at 6 p.m. on next Wednesday evening.  The Bethany Fire Department is still taking orders for fruit.  The fruit has arrived, but they did order extra.  If you would like some please contact Ben Bruce at 706-3342+4012 if you would like some.

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