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On December 13 a fraud complaint was field at the Madison Police Department. According to reports, a woman came to the department and reported that she had lost her debit card while attempting to make a purchase at EZ Bottle Shop, West Washington Street. The woman said that after she lost her card, she noticed that three purchases were made at Hibbet Sports, Eatonton Road, totaling $450 and at Wal Mart totaling $376. Investigators were able to obtain descriptions and photos of a woman using the complainant’s debit card.

On December 11 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Morgan Circle location. According to reports, a woman stated that someone had taken an unknown object and scratched the hood, front fender and passenger side doors of her vehicle.

On December 11 Michael Steven Knarr, 42, West Columbia, S.C. was arrested and charged with larceny, damage to property and possession of burglary tools, driving with a suspended license and improper tag. According to reports, Knarr allegedly entered Wal Mart, Eatonton Road, picked up a pry bar from the hardware section and used the pry bar to disable an alarm at the garden exit. He then, reports state, used the pry bar to open a display counter of laptop computers, placed the computers in a shopping cart and pushed the cart out of the garden entrance door. He then drove his vehicle to the garden entrance door and placed the computers in his vehicle, reports state. Knarr was arrested when he returned to the store an hour later and was observed by store employees.

On December 7 Jimmy Lewis Reynolds, 56, Madison, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication. According to reports, an officer on patrol across from the EZ Bottle liquor store, West Washington Street, allegedly observed Reynolds cursing loudly at customers in the parking lot and urinating on the side of the building while a funeral procession went by the business. On December 3 a fraud complaint was filed on a Academy Street location. According to reports, a woman stated that someone had used a company debit card to make $2,780 in ATM withdrawals from the company. The withdrawals started on November 18 and ended on December 2.

On December 10 Angelica Renea Worrell, no age given, Siloam, was arrested and charged with larceny. According to reports, Worrell allegedly took $86 in gift cards on four total occasions while she was employed at Wal Mart.

On December 11 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Highland Avenue location. According to reports, a man stated that after he and his mother had engaged in a verbal argument he knocked several light fixtures off a wall. The complainant said his step-father then approached him and both shoved him backwards and struck him several times. The man said the initial argument started after he had spent the night away from home.

On December 14 James Howard Hensler, 44, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects, driving with a revoked license and defective headlight. According to reports, an officer allegedly observed Hensler driving a pickup truck south on Eatonton Road with only one headlight. Consequent to a traffic stop, reports state, Hensler told the officer that his license had been suspended. Consequent to his arrest, reports state, the officer allegedly located a small plastic bag on Hensler’s person that contained suspected methamphetamine, a blue hollow tube and another bag of suspected methamphetamine between the bench row seats in the vehicle.

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