Santa’s Coming!

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John Nabors of Madison Flea Market says his shop has been flat CRAZY! It's always my favorite thing to stroll around that shop!

John Nabors of Madison Flea Market says his shop has been flat CRAZY! It’s always my favorite thing to stroll around that shop!


Find my favorite pooch coats and fab pillows from Charcoal Lane on Main Street in downtown Madison!

By Dianne Lively, Biz Buzz

Who? What? When? Where am I? Who in the Sam Hill is wakin’ me up at this hour of night? Shhhhhhh . . . Do y’all hear that? Shoot Fire! There’s some bangin’ banjo music and some hoopin’ and hollerin’! Sounds like a party’s goin’ down full-swing in PawPaw’s hay barn!

Hand me my barn boots ‘cause I’m goin’ in. . . OMG! Is that a red-suited elf flat passed out on the path! Holy . . . Momma! You can’t serve Holiday Hazin’ White Lightenin’ to Santa’s elves!

It’s against the LAW! You better hope Santa ain’t watchin’ otherwise it’ll be black coals, brown socks and switches off a briar bush for you! And, speakin’ of Santa honey, you know he KNOWS ALL!

And poor ole Santa got all rained out last week so he wants all y’all to make sure to see him wherever you can! Anyhow Santa’s gonna be over at The Madison ChopHouse Grille for Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 21 at 8 a.m.!

Reservations ARE REQUIRED! Faye Craft says it is flat booked but you never know if an unexpected openin’ will pop up! Y’all call 706-342-9009 to check! Hey and later that afternoon on Saturday, Dec. 21 from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m., Santa will be at Wendy’s on Eatonton Highway for decorating cookies and ornaments with the kids to hang on the Christmas tree!

Hey and for every homemade ornament you bring in Wendy’s will donate $1 to Camp Sunshine. Also, for a $1 donation to Camp Sunshine, you’ll get a Junior Frosty! Now that is GOOD!

Wendy’s Manager Valerie Henderson says for y’all to come on out! Can y’all flat believe it!

2014 is Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on your front door! Plus you all know it’s bad luck to stay home and not go out and celebrate on New Year’s Eve!But don’t worry y’all ‘cause Town 220 has got this! Put on your dancin’ shoes and that snappy outfit and get ready for a FABULOUS CELEBRATION! A New Year’s Eve Dinner, Live Music, Dancin’ and FUN! Ok so it starts out with a three course dinner: Course One: Antipasto Plate; Course Two: Your choice of Classic Clam Chowder, Maine Lobster Bisque, Baby Field Greens Salad, Smoked Salmon Napoleon, Salmon Cakes or Shrimp Tempura. Course Three: Bacon Wrapped Scallops (OMG), Red Fish en Croute, Rack of Lamb, Prime Rib Au jus, Grilled Salmon or Stuffed Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese! And, finally it’s all topped off with a dessert of assorted pastries like dark chocolate truffle, almond cookie tulip filled with vanilla custard & berries, or coffee cake terrine! Lord Have Mercy! Chef Francisco is flat gonna be buzy! Oh and live music and dancin’ all starts at 8:30 p.m.! I shall see you all there! Happy New Year! Cannot wait!

Ok so now it’s time for my FAVORITE THINGS! I’m talkin’ ‘bout five pound bags on fabulous peanuts from Godfrey’s Feed! They are excellent when you toss em in a bit of olive oil and seasalt and pop them in the oven for a bit! Yum! Plus Godfrey’s has those really cool pocketknives! Go get em y’all! Hey and have y’all gone into Madison Markets? Well it’s flat BEAUTIFUL! What in the Sam Hill are you waitin’ on? Plus on Friday they will have yummy appetizers from 12 p.m. til . . Check it out!

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