“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

Mae Buice, Columnist

Good morning and can you believe, here we are; middle of December already. Where do the days and weeks go? It’s cold this morning but overall the weekend was good. Warm church services filled with love and the Spirit. Sunday morning Butch took his text from Psalm 53 verse 1 with a reference to Hebrews 6, asking the question, “What if I don’t need God”?

What if there isn’t a Christ?” The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” What if we believed this scripture. God is our “rock”, we know there is a God in control. We need Him in life and in death. We as children of God have hope.

Sunday night our Christmas program was presented, not as it had been planned and practiced. We have so many out sick we had to make different arrangements at the last moment. Yes,  yesterday we had to plan a whole new program with who and what we had and it went off perfectly. So thankful for good leadership and those who fall in and help in a crisis.

Finger foods were served after the service. Thank you to the carolers that came and sang for us on Saturday afternoon. We needed this blessing and with James being sick the soup just hit the spot for him.  All of you are so precious to us and to the older members in our church. I’m sure all of them enjoyed the entertainment. God bless each of you and Kim, Rusty and Sandy.

As I mentioned so many in our congregation are sick. Charles Johnson has been in the hospital in Athens,  now in Morgan Memorial Hospital.   Patsy Greene has been struggling and was so glad to be able to come to church on Sunday morning.  It was also good to see Mary Beacham and Betty Walker.   Always remember Jessie and Lou Comans, O.L. Jordan, the Walker family. And yes, James too. I’m packing him off to the doctor today.

I want him well when our family comes in on Friday and Saturday for our Christmas Family celebration.  You’ve heard me mention so many times Alfred and Maudie Buice that live in Monticello. Alfred fell last wee,  hurt his nose and has a black eye. He’s 90 years young and I ask you to please pray for him as he’s also battling lung cancer.

The regular 5th Sunday night Singing at Sewell Methodist will be December 29 with Changed 4 in concert, starts at 6:00p.m. This Thursday night at Maysville Methodist Church with Clarke Kesler,  Annett Herndon will be there at 6:00p.m. We had the opportunity to go last Thursday night and what a true blessing it was.

We enjoyed Morris and Greg Stancil as well as a group called The Pruitt Family AND the good news announced, “Because He Loved Me”,  written by Morris years ago and still a favorite with so many had gone up to the #6 spot in the Singing News listing. It has been recorded by so many and recently by the Triumphant Quartet. Congratulations to Morris and Greg.

I had the pleasure to sing this one on Sunday morning and made the announcement to our congregation. I have so many friends on Face book that I have never met. I guess you do too….but I had the privilege to meet one of mine last Thursday night. Jimmy George, it was  so great to finally meet you and your wife Edith. Also I had the opportunity to meet up with some of the kids that attended Midway Elementary and  Towers High School with Gayle last Saturday even though it was raining cats and dogs and I appreciate the four that braved the weather to come down to Madison (we missed those of you that could not make it due to the weather).

We had a great time and a delicious lunch at  Madison Tea Room and Garden.  We thank Kathi Russell for putting up with us for several hours.  Donna Phillips,  Lisa Smith Wilhite, Vickie Monroe and Gayle Buice Holmes,  this old lady enjoyed seeing you again.

Thank you for inviting me. These girls are trying to keep in touch with each other and others that have previously met through out this year. Don’t forget there are only two Saturdays left to shop the ABC Auction in Crawfordville.

Happy birthday to Blake Stewart on the 20, Becky Stovall the 21,  and to my son in law, Mark Luciani on the 26…..special blessings for my friend Lamar Callaway who celebrated Monday, the 16.   Happy anniversary to Dusty and Kaleigh Sidwell on the 20.

Wayne Hix has written a new poem about Christmas. As you know Wayne and JoAnn live here in the Madison area and is our cousin. We enjoy his poems throughout the year and I hope you will be blessed with this one. I can already smell my kitchen as I read this poem.   Christmas Time of Year E. Wayne Hix  Copyright 11-13 When Christmas rolls around each year – and family time we share, With packages wrapped with beauty – and food for all that’s there, Each family brings a dish of goodness, from ham and turkey to pecan pie, The aroma pleasing to the senses, a Christmas table to please the eye.

In prayer we celebrate blessings given, with everyone gathered there, Remembering love one gone before us, and the love we had to share. Lord, when the roll is called up younger, and we all walk  streets of gold, Singing praises to our Savior, as our Christian past unfolds. Celebrating with our loved ones, with a feast beyond compare, Bless our Christmas here on earth, Lord, until you call us each one there. Scripture says;  think on the good things, fill each moment with love and care, Share the joy each season’s giving, Oh, Lord, receive our thankful prayer. Wishing each of you a most joyous Merry Christmas. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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