Getting Christmas together without waking little ones

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Betty Moore, Columnist

I have so little news on this short notice. Happy belated birthday to Sylvia Moon on December 16. Jim Moon will have a birthday on December 24. Happy birthday to you! Hunters Moon has not been well this week, I hope that you are better soon.

The Buckhead Baptist church will have communion on christmas Eve at 6pm. Why not come? Dennis and Julie Godbee had a reunion of his family last Saturday at their home. At this point, so near to Christmas, I have done no baking. Some years I have had pecan pies in the freezer.

I may or may not make them. Perhaps, too, I may make an apple cake. We all love it. I will talk about one Christmas when our children were small. We had to do our main shopping while they were in school.

There was no place to hide what we had gotten, except to pull down the dissapearing stairs in the hall. Imagine taking a bicycle up the steps! Or my boxes of dolls or games, or bags of clothes, or whatever else they were to get.

The time came, it was Christmas Eve The two girls were excited. There were things that we had to do, but there was always the thought of how to get the items from the attic without noise. It was hard to get them to bed at a decent hour. Christmas music played and things seemed to be wound up.

Daddy said that he was going to bed. That got their attention, so after a while, they were ready to go to bed too. A long while after they were quiet, there was no way to know if they were asleep, so time went by.

It was getting really late. I stepped into the room to listen for them to see if they seemed to be asleep. Their breathiing let me know they were. Quickly, I woke their Daddy. It was time to get the gifts together, but how would we do that without the girls waking up?

He reached up, pulled the stairs. It squeeked. I told him to shhhhhhh. I was on pins and needles as the saying goes. A few more inches. The further down the step was pulled, it made more noise. Finally finally it was down. He handed things to me, except the bikes.

I was so relieved. Quietly, quietly we got things around the tree. Oh, what a relief! On christmas, the girls were up soon. they wanted to have their hair fixed in case of pictures.

They came to look at the tree and the gifts. When the family was seated in the living room, the gifts were given out, one at a time, as everyone watched. Then the next gift was given out. Of course, the bikes were seen at first. there was excitement over them.

Once the gifts were given out, the paper was gathered up to toss unless there was an unusually pretty piece of paper we might save that. After waffles, the Christmas dinner was on. Each one ate to their fill. The girls enjoyed what they had gotten. It was a good day. The Lord had provided very well!

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