Low expectations of a gift turned priceless forty two years later

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper, Columnist

I want to wish all my readers a very Merry and a very Blessed Christmas!  I hope all of you have enjoyable times with your families and make memories that will stay and stay with you forever.

The reason we even have and celebrate Christmas is because God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to earth as a tiny, tiny babe knowing that He would grow up and then be crucified for our sins.

All we have to do is just believe that Jesus is the Son of God and ask Him into our hearts to forgive us of all our many sins.  In return Jesus will guarantee us eternal life with Him forevermore with Him in Heaven.  Unless you do that you will not go to Heaven and live with Him forevermore.

It’s very simple, it is a great comfort, and you will have the peace that passeth all understanding.  It took a great, great love for God to do that for us poor, pitiful creatures that we are.  “Love came down at Christmas.”  I remember our very first Christmas as a newlywed.

We were living in a mobile home (trailer) on the Alex and Bob Moorhead farm where Bruce was milking cows for them.  We had bought it from Bobby Brewer when he was selling trailers up where Crowe’s BBQ and that little store is now.  The color décor was avocado green which was quite the thing back then!!  The carpet was avocado green and all the appliances, even the tub and commode  were avocado green, too.  It came with a living room sofa and a chair that was done in a stripe that also had avocado green.  We loved it and were oh so happy!!

One day close to Christmas, Bruce came in with a smug little grin on his face and a Christmas package in his hands.  I said, “Oh, who is that for and where have you been shopping??!!”  He said, “Oh, I went shopping at Buckhead Grocery.”  I said, “Buckhead Grocery?  What kind of Christmas present could you get at Buckhead Grocery?!”

Needless to say, I was very concerned and more than a little put out and thought, “The very idea; oh, he really shopped alright; going to Buckhead Grocery Store!”  Well on Christmas morning, I was trying to prepare myself as I opened my present.  Lo and behold, it was a very pretty glass oil lantern with a beautiful chimney and just guess what color it was!!  AVOCADO GREEN!!

I loved it and was very ashamed of all those terrible thoughts that I had had!   I still have it today–42 1/2 years later, except that the chimney was broken several years ago due to four rambunctious children!   I tried to find a replacement through the years, but I need to take up the search again.

There is another memory for my children and grandchildren! We are so glad that Harriette Wade is home for Christmas after having to spend several days last week in Morgan Memorial Hospital due to a bad cold and her asthma.  We are also glad that Bill Bonner is now home after having to have emergency gall bladder surgery last week at St. Mary’s Hospital in Greensboro.

Pray that they will continue to improve.  Please pray for Dean Strange as he has had to be hospitalized with pneumonia last week;  we hope that he will get to be home with his family for Christmas!   Bethany Baptist Church had a wonderful Christmas worship service on Sunday morning.

They will not have a Wednesday night service this week.  The Trinity Baptist Church congregation enjoyed a wonderful Christmas cantata on Sunday morning with the choir members dressed as carolers.  The children also had a part as they dressed the parts of Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wisemen.  Everyone did a wonderful job.

The Fairview Club had their annual Christmas luncheon for the members and their spouses on Wednesday at the lovely home of Pat Stinchcomb on the Eatonton Hwy.  She had everything all decorated for Christmas!

For the main course, Gerald Wood had grilled chickens with his secret recipe which was delicious and the ladies all brought side-dishes and dessert to complete the meal.  The Bone family had their annual Christmas get-together on this past Monday night at the home of April Bone where I can assure you every inch was decorated with Christmas!

The yard of the old Crew homeplace is very pretty at night all lit up with decorations. All of our family enjoyed Sunday lunch at Blanche and Jake Wilsons for our last time together with Tim, Cathy, and Kacey before they head to Louisiana early Monday morning for them to spend Christmas with Cathy’s people.  We have all enjoyed being together this past week; with the pretty weather, Tim even took Kacey and Raegan fishing on two afternoons here at our lake.

Those girls have had a good time as well as all of us!  Julia Gay Sabbadino has been down visiting her sister Janice Philippi as she recuperates from her surgery.  Janice is doing well, but will start her treatments around the second week in January.

Please continue to lift her up as she goes through all of this.  Janice and Julia Gay were also able to visit with Frances Brewer, the Jake Wilsons, and the Tim Wilson’s one afternoon this past week.  All of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the late Sadie and Clay Porter all gathered together for a wonderful meal at Ricardo’s in Madison for their Christmas family time.

Bobby and Emily Brewer opened up their home on Sunday for Christmas with all of Joan and Raymond Gilbert’s family of children and grandchildren and also for Bobby and Emily’s family of children and grandchildren.  Most all of them were able to come.

We want to wish Scott Porter a very Happy Birthday as he celebrated his on this past Sunday.  His mother, Sally, cooked his favorite meal for him and several of his friends along with his little girl, Madeline.  Madeline also helped decorate his favorite cookie cake.

I think he must have had a good birthday!  Sadie and her kids are coming in on Monday and on Tuesday they are going to have Christmas with Mrs. Mary Ainslie for the Ainslie family Christmas.  Karen and Jack Lindsey were host and hostess for a small Christmas gathering on this past Saturday night at their lovely home here on Baldwin Dairy Road.

Jack had cooked some of his wonderful BBQ and Brunswick stew which we all enjoyed.  Those enjoying the night were Leonard Wallace, Tommy and Raynor Cathey, Lewis Duvall, Karen’s cousin, Bert, of Lake Oconee and Bruce and I.  A good time was had by all! Raynor and Tommy Cathey opened their home for the annual Cathey family Christmas on this past Sunday night.

Santa’s helper also dropped in and passed out early Christmas gifts to all the children.  Peyton and Ella Grace Fortson spent Saturday night with their grandparents, Marty and Connie Wilson while their parents, Marc and Laurie attended Marc’s company Christmas party in Buckhead, Atlanta.  Marc is Operations Manager with ValleyCrest Lancscaping Company in Atlanta.

Shannon Porter’s, Aunt Jane, from North Carolina was here last week and she and other family members enjoyed a delicious lunch on last Sunday at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee and later visiting with Bill and Sue Hodges at their Lake Oconee home.

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