MCMS Mat Dogs place second at Monticello Duals

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Curry Wadsworth presses his ooponent's head toward the mat. Photo by J. Walker

Curry Wadsworth presses his ooponent’s head toward the mat. Photo by J. Walker

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

The Morgan County Middle School (MCMS middle school basketball teams were busy this week taking on Monticello and Loganville.

First up the teams took on Monticello at home. On Wednesday Dec. 18 the teams came back home after a long stent on the road. Even though they were back on their home court the games would prove to be difficult for the two teams.

The boys trailed Monticello in the first quarter, being outscored by 11 points. Monticello with a 17 to 6 lead over MCMS the teams went into the second quarter.

According to Coach Franklin the Bulldogs went into the game with a plan. In the second quarter the MCMS team added six points to their score, but it was Monticello who again dominated the quarter putting up 15 more points.

Trailing Monticello at the end of the half it was evident the Bulldogs were struggling.

According to Coach Franklin the Monticello teams speed out matched MCMS and it took them to long to adjust and catch up.

After a rough first half the MCMS boys came back strong in the third quarter. Coach Franklin went on to say that they made some adjustments during half time solving half of the problem.

The Bulldogs only allowed Monticello to score 4 points in the third quarter. Coach Franklin said that the MCMS team committed 25 turnovers, giving Monticello 24 of their points. In the forth quarter the Bulldogs worked hard to stop Monticello’s lead but it wasn’t enough.

Monticello beat MCMS 50 to 39. Next, the teams went on to take on Loganville Friday Dec. 20. For the girl’s team, Loganville proved to be too much for the Bulldogs. The MCMS girls lost to the Red Devils 41-20.

For the boys, the game started out rough trailing Loganville 10-2 at the end of the first. According to Coach Franklin the team came out very flat, unable to make a basket.

In the first half the team allowed things they couldn’t control dictate how they played. Coach Franklin went on to note that MCMS missed 8 layups in the first two quarters because they were trying to hard not to miss the easy basket.

At the end of the half MCMS trailed 17 to 8. Coach Franklin made some defensive adjustments to his team during halftime and the team really turned things around in the second half. MCMS added 13 points to the board in the third quarter.

According to Coach Franklin, Quintavious Williams stepped up on the offensive board and Tremon Moore’s defensive presence caused several turnovers.

Adding 22 more points to their increasing score in the fourth quarter lead to a Bulldogs win over Loganville, 43 to 25. Coach Franklin said that he was proud of how the boys handled the dirty plays throughout the game.

According to Coach Franklin, the way the boys handled these moments not only builds character in them but also prepares them for playoffs when teams will do whatever it takes to get them rattled.

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