Top off Christmas Day with heavenly choir and dessert

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist

Merry Christmas and greetings from The Springs! How about topping off your Christmas Day at USBC? After the presents have been opened and you have enjoyed that special Christmas Brunch and Christmas Dinner, join us for dessert!

From 5-6 pm, the first treat will come from our heavenly choir as they bless us with song to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. According to Pastor Terrell, we may even have a special guest to come. Following the musical portion, the next treat will be dessert and fellowship.

Just think of this evening as the frosting on the Christmas cake! During Wednesday Bible Study, we examined a benediction that is often used which is found in Genesis 31:49.

Many commentaries consider the phase, “May the Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another,” a curse.  This came about during the time when Jacob had left Laban along with his uncle’s daughters.

However when Laban found Jacob, we wanted to reclaim them. Laban wanted Jacob to make a covenant, so Jacob took a stone of remembrance to serve as a witness or reminder on the agreement they made. Jacob had the others around him also gather stones to set up a heap or a witness pile.

They then ate together which sealed the covenant and also made it a religious covenant. When they called it Galeed, they were saying, “May God be my witness.” Many others did the same custom of setting up a witness pile including David, Joshua, Moses, Abraham and Elijah.

Therefore, the statement can be used as a blessing since the Bible doesn’t directly say it is a curse. Out of all that we do on this earth, God is concerned with us wasting time. Now a statement like that will make you pause and give it some thought.

That is the way Rev. Terrell began the sermon for Sunday leading to the fact that all we do outside of fulfilling our purpose is wasteful.  Time is important. Just look at the wise men that visited Jesus. They quickly went to Jesus bringing gifts for Him to fulfill His purpose even before He began His ministry.

This definitely applies to us too. We must be about our Father’s business and we don’t have time to waste. Our main text for the morning came from St. Matthew 2:1-13 which speaks of the visit of the wise men to Jesus.

These men had a very important mission and need to go about it right away. Pastor Terrell stated that the larger your purpose and the closer you get to fulfilling it, the harder the devil and his cohorts will fight you. He never ceases to fight.

This started back in Genesis 3 when he was cursed by God. Since then, the enemy has been trying to destroy us to keep us from fulfilling our purpose to advance the kingdom. Yet, when we are in God’s will, we don’t have to fear when the enemy comes.

When we go back to the text, it is revealed that only the wise men could actually see the star. After the men talked with King Herod in verses seven and eight, it was confirmed that they were the only ones that could see it. They even rejoiced over this in verse ten.

At the beginning of Jesus’ life, He started His purpose. Whether we realize it or not, at our birth our purpose began. Keeping in mind that the wise men (the only ones able to see the star) were sent to help Jesus, likewise, God will send to us wise men to help.

The wise man that God will send to you will be your pastor. Everybody needs a pastor. Why you ask? There are just some things that only your pastor can see which will help you. Your pastor should be able to hear from the Lord and understand the Word.

God is sending wise men to be apart of your life to confirm your purpose like He did for Jesus. God reveals what He wants these men to share with you, therefore it is not the men that get the glory but the Lord. Another example in these passages is the fact that Joseph was sent to Jesus also.

Now Joseph was Jesus’ step-father. He was not described as a wise man but it was stated that he was a just man. (Matthew 1:19) Pastor Terrell made a passionate plea to the younger generations to understand that those with a step-father need to be willing to let him help them toward their purpose. God spoke to Joseph in a dream telling Joseph how to protect Jesus.

This is proof enough that God will speak to those that he sent to be in our lives just as effectively. Although we may not be able to understand it all, but God sends to us the help that we need.

They may not be the people that we necessarily want them to be but God places wise men and just men in our lives to help advance our purpose in life. Be about your Father’s business as you live a purposeful life! Glory Be To God!

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