2013 Year in Review – August

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AUGUST Heated debates persisted surrounding the Morgan County Board of Elections to consolidate voting precincts from 11 locations for five.More than 50 people gathered at August’s meeting to voice their opinion on that proposal.

Chris Hodges, daughter of Madison Mayor, Bruce Gilbert, and Judy Gilbert, announced her candidacy in the Madison City Council District 5 race.

A dozen Morgan County citizens expressed concern about the performance of African-American students at Morgan County Schools during a Morgan County Board of Education District1 town hall meeting and to discuss strategies for improvement.

The Morgan County Board of Commission narrowly approved a request to approve a conditional use permit for a zoo on River Farm Road with a 3-2 vote.

Bruce Gilbert announced he would not seek reelection as the mayor of Madison. A string of thefts from cars hit Madison, with five different vehicles broken into in just two days.

Criterion-Referenced Competency Test hit a five-year high, with grades 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 breaking records for exceeding required score in reading.

Forty-seven Morgan County High School students qualified as Advanced Placement scholars after receiving the AP exam scores from the 2012-2013 school year. Additionally, two students qualified as National AP Scholars.

Debate over shrinking voting precincts from 11 to five rages on during a second hearing of the Board of Elections, with primarily Republican proponents arguing the down-size would result in substantial financial savings and primarily Democratic opponents arguing the downsize would result in a decrease in opportunity and ease of voting.

Congressmen Jack Kingston was the keynote speaker at the Morgan County Republican Party’s Founder’s Day event.

The Board of Elections and Registration, after considering the precinct consolidation plan that proposed shrinking the number of voting precincts from 11 to five, compromised by approving a consolidation plan the reduces the number of voting precincts to seven.

The local Boys and Girls Club hired a new director, Gari Santis. Construction began on the $1 million-plus Morgan County Fire and EMS Station.

Camp Twin Lakes requested a rezoning and conditional use permit from the Planning Commission to build a group home for disabled people. Morgan Memorial Auxiliary’s Festival of Friends raises more than $28,000, which was used to buy needed equipment for the hospital.

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