Downtown cinema to open in February

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By Leila Dycus Staff Writer

Progress is being made on Madison’s newest form of entertainment: Ricky D’s retro cinema. “We are moving along, we have the wine bar installed, we have all of the seating and everything ready to go in the dining area,” said owner Dana Kibbey.

Ricky D’s is one of Madison’s newest additions, comprised of a restaurant, wine bar, and retro cinema. The cinema will be located in downtown Madison on East Jefferson Street.

“It’s basically three businesses in one building,” said Kibbey. The idea for the cinema came from a previous business in Washington, Georgia.

The previous retro cinema in Washington held a bookstore, cinema and wine bar. When Kibbey came to Madison they felt the cinema would be a great addition to town.

“The bookstore didn’t really do that well,” said Kibbey. “We realized in the process of doing the retro cinema that we needed to have food because a lot of people would come to the cinema and have something to eat.”

The front of the building will house Ricky D’s restaurant. The restaurant will be open from Wednesday through Sunday. The menu will be comprised of gourmet hotdogs and feature frozen custard, or high premium ice cream.

Described by Kibbey as movie theater food the atmosphere is said to be fun. Moviegoers will be able to take their food and wine into the theater as they view the films.

The wine bar will feature movie themed wines as well as international wines. The cinema will be open Thursday through Sunday. The films for the retro cinema come from a company in New York and are of the highest digital quality.

According to Kibbey, the films that will be shown at Ricky D’s are independent films. The films are described as films that would be seen at the Sundance Film Festival. Classic movies, documentaries, and international films will also be shown.

On Saturdays and Sundays people can come together to watch sports games on the big screen.

Children will also be able to enjoy Ricky D’s. The theater will show children’s films on Saturday afternoons.

According to Kibbey, the schedule can expand depending on popularity.

Once open, movie times will be advertised in the newspaper as well as on Ricky D’s Facebook page and website.

Recently, the cinema got its seats, taking it one step closer to opening its doors.

Now, the building is being decorated.

The next step will be getting their inspections done.

According to Kibbey they have chosen not to post a grand-opening date yet because they still have to obtain their certifications. After getting these inspections done, they will be hiring a staff of eight to 10 people and getting them trained. Applications for employment are available on the Ricky D’s website. This week, the awning will go up allowing the Ricky D’s building.

According to Kibbey, the cinema will open in mid to late February. “It’s a really fun atmosphere, I’m really excited to bring entertainment and fun to the downtown,” said Kibbey. For more information about Ricky D’s retro cinema check out their Facebook page or website.

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