Let’s Wrap up 2014!

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist

Greetings from The Springs! By the time you read this article, 2013 will be history and we will be marching into an awesome 2014!

You know, there’s that saying, “the best is yet to come.” I believe that is true. So as we continue on this Christian journey, let us keep lifting up our eyes to Christ who is our help! On Christmas Day, USBC had a lovely music and worship service as we celebrated the birth of Christ.

As the choir sang praises with Christmas hymns and songs, we all were able to worship the presence of the Lord. It is so beautiful that The Springs has an atmosphere in which it is effortlessly easy to offer the sacrifice of praise at any time.

A special note to the evening was the selection given by Pastor Terrell. He sang “The Christmas Song” which was made famous by Nat King Cole. He was fantastic! Pastor Terrell also shared with the crowd several bits of insight on the reason for the season. One main point that he made was when he stated, “Don’t worry about if there was room in the inn for Jesus. Is there room in your inn for Him? That is what we need to be concerned with.”

It was truly a beautiful night! Since it was fifth Sunday, the person chosen to preach from the ministerial staff was Minister Gary Marneze Walker. The title of his sermon was, “I Should be Giving You More,” and his text came from St. John 10:10. When we stop to think about all that the Lord does for us, what are we giving to Him? This is really something that we all need to seriously consider especially since Pastor Terrell has been focused on us finding and pursuing our purpose in life. Let’s have a great 2014! Glory Be To God!

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